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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by mick_sterbs, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. So John Terry gets jiggy with Wayne Bridges partner, gets the chop from Fabio Capello as Captain as England Captain, yet Wayne Bridge is the man to withdraw from the squad for reasons of team cohesion?

    When did this situation get so out of kilter?

    Surely Terry should have been man enough to of walked?

    It's not like we are short of centre backs, more short of left backs thanks to Ashley Coles' injury.
  2. John Terry

    Is a complete and utter waste of space, I give him five years after he leaves football before he is declared bankrupt.

    His Mrs should have divorced him annd taken half of what his is worth now!!!

    Fu*k johnbyzz you better get home JT car is parked outside your house.


  3. given they're both 'professional' players, they should be able to play on the same team without swinging their handbags!
  4. JT was shown up for what he is in last night`s game versus Inter. He was left floundering for their first goal and struggled for the rest of the evening. He`s not even an average dfender and will be found out during the World Cup!

    As for his morals......I think he left them in the same gutter he was caught pi**ing in.

    Utterly, utterly useless....as a man and player.
  5. In any event, its going to be an interesting world cup. I'd rather have all the aggro now than in South Africa, but who knows what can happen there, with John Terry about.
  6. Heard Stuart Pierce on the telly saying that there was a ready made replacement at left back by the name of James Milner.
    Now don't get me wrong, he is a fine young player, but isn'e his left foot for balance only.
    How can we hope to win anything if we cannot have a balanced team with a smattering of left footers in it.
    Come to think of it, just give Pierce the No 3 shirt
  7. I heard Stuart Pierce on tv too, he said, to be fair I've played with a few players I didn't particularly like but it didn't stop me playing with them, I thought, but they weren't shagging your girlfriend/wife either.!

    Terry is a nasty imbecile and if anyone should go it's him.
  8. could not have said it better myself. the bloke is a twat!
  9. Sorry bigbird love, I appreciate you're a girl so you don't probably understand the subtleties of sport. They are indeed professional soccer players and so hard-wired to act like prima donna, hand-bag swinging nonce-magnets.

    If I offended anybody by using the term "soccer" I most sincerely wish to tell them to fcuk off. It is a very silly game. If you overinflate a football until it is round, then choose not to pick it up...more fool you!
  10. Point is if my OC or CSM nobbled my Mrs, I wonder what would happen?

    I know for a fact and for safety reasons the culprit would have to be removed, because I would be playing Keepy Uppy with his head!!!

    Wanye Bridge is the innocent party here, Terry is a disgrace, not just as footballer but as human being, not once has he publicly apologised for his actions.

    But as they say money talks because you can BUY people silence.


  11. Although it may not seem fair, Terry staying will help us better in the world cup than Bridge.
    Hopefully that'll mean Baines gets a call up too!