England football team surpass themselves

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Howler, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. What a bunch of cnuts!

    Overpaid, overhyped and shi'ite

    Macedonia FFS!!

    Let's make a pact as a nation never to financially support football until they learn how to play.

    A very disgruntled England fan
  2. one steve mclaren

    theres only one steve mclaren

    one steve mclaren

    :D :D :D :D
  3. Have a word, one game where England play poorly and suddenly its doom and gloom. Everyone, except possibly Cole and King played poorly, and Macedonia played very well. These type of results happen in League footy all the time, and so it happens in Internationals. It could be worse, we could have lost to the Scots, as France did.

    Well done Wales by the way!!!
  4. Nothing wrong with losing to the Jocks.
  5. There is when your England
  6. Oh yeh

    A divine right to win every game, that’s why REAL sports fans love sport


    By the way, over 600 minutes of play without conceding a goal, awful

    A philosophical England fan
  7. it is not often we get the chance to lord it over you lot.

    cannot wait for the excuses to be trotted out tonight & tomorrow.
  8. No excuses, we were poor and Macedonia played very well. Thats all there is to it
  9. Fcuk me and you wonder why I want you all to burn in hell. Well done to Scotland, but do you want a tenner that you won't qualify ?
  10. to answer your questions

    no & no.
  11. Wise move, Frugal Dougal.
  12. One poor game? Suddenly doom and gloom? You miss the world cup mate?
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    It was good see us decend int our normal mediocrity.
  14. They all play 12 games, so there's a maximum points tally of 36 points. Scotland are already on maximum 9 points after 3 games, which is pretty good. So far they've beaten the world champions and the world cup runners up.

    Sorry to sound thick but how do they pick who goes through - is it the top two automatically, then all the 'thirds' get selected upon points or goal difference? I reckon I would make my tenner wait until they beat Ukraine on Wednesday.

    Thank goodness they're not all pitted against the cream of international football - Israel, Croatia, Macedonia, Russia, Estonia and Andorra. Poor England, that sounds like a right beasting session there, just like the World Cup first round.
  15. STFU and stop being so bitter. England got an easier group this time. We all know how the Jocks manage to wallow in glorious failure. The have always been capable of beating any team on the day, they have even beaten England a few times ;-) But we know that they will beat France and Italy and then get gubbed by Borats lot the next week. Enjoy your moment. But the old inferiority complex rises its head again. You beat France, and fcuking well done, but why not just enjoy it instead of going on about England? When we gubbed the Krauts in Munich, do you think we even thought of mentioning Scotland?