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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViroBono, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. http://centre.defence.mod.uk/dgcc_newsportal/stories/0406/fcvp.htm

    How I wish I could be there to help the Froggies to 'enjoy' their run ashore...

    When the carrier, FS Charlie Big Nose, arrived in the Solent it fired a 21-gun salute, which was returned by Fort Blockhouse, though alas only blanks were fired.

    Evidently the Frog Patrol did a flypast - where were the AD Btys when we needed them?
  2. wonder if Britain will ever get a nuclear powered carrier like the CDG?

    and i bet you wouldn't catch the french establishment gleefully announcing that they're incapable of fighting a war on their own, or planning their defence around fighting only as part of a coalition.
  3. Well said Bert!

    We give the frogs a hard time because they didn't follow George W Shrub blindly into a war on the premis of the possession of non-exsitent WMD!

    At least their leaders have the balls to show a little independence.
  4. So far all the Frogs have shown is that no matter how well equipped they are they are not capable of fighting a war (Crecy, Agincourt, Trafalgar, Waterloo, WW1, WW2, etc.), or are unwilling to do so.

    However, they have made a great deal of money selling weapons to various unsavoury places such as Iraq, the Congo etc., etc.

    If Britain wants a nuclear carrier, there is one in the Solent at the moment, which would probably be fairly easily obtained.... Leave it with the windows open for a few days to get rid of the smell of garlic and unwashed bodies, rename it and Robert's your male relative. Now that's what I call smart procurement. :twisted:
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. What would be the point of having a nice bigger carrier if we have no fixed wing naval aviation after 2010 until the FJCA! We'll be lucky to get the future carriers we want as it is!!!

  7. i'm sure history experts could debate the finer points of your examples, but the french have a martial tradition and history of empire that they are proud of, and aren't selling themselves out; it seems Britain has a situation today where only the former could be circled, and probably in pencil so it could be retracted at a later date. The British gov't have sat back and watched Zimbabwe go down the pan of late; although belated, we can find quasi-unilateral examples of French intervention in Rwanda and Ivory Coast, and I'm fairly sure I remember France being the significant contributor to the force that went into DR Congo when it got busier a while back.
  8. Bert,

    What you say in re the Frogs may be true, but I prefer to be guided in my dealings with them by Admiral Lord Nelson.


  9. You should come down the Solent at the moment, stinks to high heaven. Fish are washing up on the shores dead from the stench and its not just from the QAs either 8O
  10. good post VB, and an interesting link above MSR.
  11. ViroBono.

    Like we haven't sold weapons to despots. :oops:

    If you think the frogs can't fight, have a wee read about Verdun, 1916. Makes the Somme look like a cake-walk.

    Or you could try to make your point in one of the many bars in Calvi, Corsica. :wink:
  12. Indeed. Or you could get a sense of humour... :lol:
  13. VB

    Didn't you see my little :wink: !
  14. I did. I was just a little concerned that you were trying to inject an element of seriousness into my Johnny Frenchman-bashing thread! :lol:
  15. Bit concerned about the title of the thread!! :wink: more than just englishmen in HMF!! :lol: we have most of the (old, sold off) commonwealth as well as a few of us jock's, taff's and paddy's :lol: