England Cricket Team.

Sorry if it offends any of you...

But the "men" who play on this so called team are filth.

Every one of them...

Hope they, their wives and kids die...cancer would be good.
Just boned up on BBC.co.uk

No sure wishing cancer on their wives and children is gonna balance this one out

Cack pastime anyways

Politics and Sport should never mix, but only the ignorant would say it doesnt.

I hope the players come back in one piece, and then are outcast from the rest of British Soceity. Never to play on a national team again and reduced to school boy training which invariably would be to good for them.

They had the perfect chance to pull out on Monday but it would seem like Morgan the spineless weasel has struck again. Im not sure that wishing cancer on anybody is going to stop the atrocities in Zimbabwe however it does bare futher discussion


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Never mind, I'm sure all the dosh they'll be getting will salve their tormented consciences......

Bunch of Fecking H**ns !
What I don't understand is why we've sent the England team to play against the Zanu-PF U25 A-side. Surely Neue Arbeit could have rattled up an equally political team to play them?
Okay forget the cancer...

Forced out of their houses, raped and beheaded before the team come home will do.

We'll see if they feel like playing up and playing the game for a while after.
Not sure about BB's sentiments regarding families and such.

But at least the Olympic Squad in 1936 had no idea, of just what a bad b*stard their host actually was.

I am utterly disgusted. Still, at least one English Cricketer last year, behaved as an Englisman should
All I can say is ... your cricket team is cr*p

But I will add this ...

Go the Aussies

Just to rub it in

Couldn't help myself :lol:
This is of course the down-side of professional sport where not to tour would incur huge fines from the ICC (who have the morals of a gutter rat). Having said that the media threat was probably reasonable grounds for breaking contract.

Also don't assume a more honourable response from other nations. If Australia was scheduled to tour there they would, to the same level of indignation that the English are now getting.

Here is my question. How come it was the moral thing to do to impose trade, cultural and sports sanctions on a white led South Africa but there is no such drive in the Commonwealth against a Black led regime in Zim? The cricketers are lightweights. Where is Blair, Howard, Clark et al? Do these people know anything about real leadership?

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