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England crash to an innings defeat

in_the_cheapseats said:
Don't know how they have managed it on such a flat track but they've managed. 51 FFS. How did they manage to self destruct so spectacularly? pitch?

An innings defeat

Going to be a long tour.
Still, if they keep losing like that I suppose they have more time to work on their tan.

God it's embarrasing.
You can lay the blame for this result squarely at the feet of the arrogant arrse, Kevin Pieterson.

NOT a team player, and cause of the unrest and instability in the dressing room.

Great batsman though, or he should be dropped.
I think there is a big psychological issue with the England camp at the minute, not to mention a technical one.

The top order have no confidence (what was Bell thinking playing at a ball like that with a couple of deliveries before lunch?), I don't think Strauss is right for the captain role (a touch too quiet for me). I still think the biggest problem is KP; I think the players want him to be the captain still and most of the fans do too IMHO.

I think Collingwood is being picked because he can field, much like the SA team used to with J Rhodes but the rest of the SA team could bat and we can't!

The bolwing line up has looked weak since we lost Simon Jones! Sidebottom was the perfect replacement for Hoggard but they were too similarly aged and therefore there is no long term plan not to mention his injuries.

I love Monty for the "Monty" vibe but he needs to develop as a bowler and I don't see him doing that at the minute. When Gayle hit him for 2 sixes you could see the life drain out of him, Warnie would have laughed his tit off, gone over the wicket, and then ripped one (the bowling kind) out of the rough and taken him out. Or Murali would have tried to beat him in the flight. I think Monty locks himself into a rythm where he can't send down a variety of deliveries.

Too few leaders in the dressing room. Only KP and Freddie are worth anything to a side hence their Premier League values.

Again this is all only my opinion and Im sure the more hardened Barmy Army members amongst us will prove me wrong.
I thought they were back home working in proper jobs since their previous $$$$$$$$$$ embarassments. Gone are the days when only sleazy football with it's over inflated egos took to the field on their way to humiliation. It's now spread to the gentlemans game too and I'm not the slightest bit bothered. :lol:

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