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I must vent my anger at Rio Ferdinand being selected as the England Captain for the freindly against France. I am a life long Liverpool fan and have an obvious loyalty to Steven Gerrard but i am not completely bias to realise that John Terry possesses the same dogid traits to lead those faltering around him until the end. I know that it is just Fabio tinkering to see if he can find another leader and i know that Rio Ferdinand is a top player (that hurt to say) but i believe that anyone who has served a lengthy ban from the sport over drugs or the obvious reluctance to prove his innocence therefore relinquishes any right to the ultimate accolade of captaining his/her country.
Whilst being a good player I don't believe he has the presence on the field to lead our men to victory. I went mad when I first heard that the Village Idiot had been made skipper.
The man can't even string a sentance together and has stupid hair. Then again, that never stopped Beckham...

Agreed about the drugs comment though.
Fails to show for drugs test, FOUR driving bans and now the Eng-er-land Captain (even if it is a 'friendly' agaist the cheese eating surrender monkeys!), makes you proud to be a Scot, don't it...
Never stopped snoop dogg either- but I doubt hes much good at a dead ball scenraio from 25 yards out. His half time team talks wouldnt be much good either as nobody would know what the snizzle he was on about.
SD prob has a biased view on the drugs thing too !
An offender in the Scottish Games completes the list for a positive sample of cocaine, which has been punished by a ban lasting until May 2008 and the return of some prize money

You might want to hold off on that Scottish pride, it's not just the English that are doin this.
cj don't get too worked up about it. It is just Capelow, Cappalellow, the Godfather trying out different captain before he decides who will lead for the next qualifying campaign. Terry or Barry are next according to rumour control.
(You are still right about Ferdinand)

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