England afraid to fly its own flag

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mora, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. The Sun, which is well known for making things up, especially when it has a 'campaign' to boost its circulation, has a new one.

    Anjem Choudary, a former leader of the Islamic extremist group Al-Muhajiroun, claimed the St George flag symbolised a bloodthirsty past. He said: “The cross does represent Christianity and for Muslims it also represents a crusader history of occupation and murder.”

  2. i was in a morrisons supermarket in wales on friday. they were flying bunting flags which said "come on England". the welsh man in the queue behind me started banging on about how he found this offensive, and was going to demand they pull them down as "they shouldn't be flying the english flag in a welsh shop."

    wonder how he would have reacted if someone came out with such cr@p about a welsh flag being flown in england?

    unfortunately i was in uniform, so did not feel it appropriate to kick him in the bolocks for being a racist knob.

  3. "Crevice" is a dirty word
  4. The Red Cross on White as in the Knights Templar livery? I may be wrong but I suspect we had it before them. I think they were largely French anyway. Any excuse for these bastards.
  5. And anyway, are we not a Christian nation? Muslims have done there share of atrocities. At least we dont anymore...
  6. Nah,we just nicked the cross from the Templars. Who were indeed mostly French.
    St. George was Turkish, I think.
    So really, red cross on white has very little historical association with England.

    I would fly a flag just to piss these people off but it has become as irreversibly associated with chavdom as Elizabeth Duke.
  7. Honestly do people fly the flag because of it's history bloodthirsty or not... or do they fly it becaue it's the English flag?

    People should toughen up and get on with lfe instead of finding everything offensive!
  8. If every one in England shows their patriotism, by flying or displaying the English Flag, not only will it be good for national unity, but will also "reclaim" the Cross of St George Flag back from the Right Wing Neo Nazis of the far extreme racist loonie right who up until recently were the only people who flew that flag.
    If you are English fly the flag... where is the drama there?
  9. Sounds awfully American.
  10. I think the Saint Georges Flag and Union Flag should be flown by every public building in the UK in particular Job Centres & Benefit Offices. If anyone is offended, please do not enter. It has flown from the top of my local Church for decades, and no one has ever commented.....
  11. I cant see how St George can be offensive to muslims as he is also a Saint in there religion as a protector
  12. If they don't like it get out, I've got mine going to put it up this week. I'm sick of people living in this country, get all the benifits but don't want to put anything back in or even try to fit into normal British life. Stupid PC society.....
  13. Well i've got me Billy the bulldog sat on me parcelshelf but i think i'm gonna have to velcro his ass down as he keeps moonin at everyone.... why shouldn't we fly our flag? regardless of its history its ours.
  14. Jesus if you don't like the flag and find it offensive... why go to the country?

    Why settle in a country that has a flag you think is linked to racism and is so deeply offensive? Why come to someone elses country and tell them not to fly their own flag?

    We don't object to people flying their own flag over here, but yet if we fly our own we're branded facist/racist or members of the BNP?

    We create our own problems in this country and WE our our own worst enemies! (well lefty buggers and New Labour councillors). Why are we so worried about offending everyone?

    I hate to say it, at least the yanks are proud of their flag and the majority of people who settle there end up in taking pride in it as well.

    No i'm not a racist, but yes I would fly our flag from my house!
  15. Patriotism, visit Norway on May 17th next year or any year after. Not afraid to fly their flag on any occasion and feck anyone else who thinks ill of it.