England’s massacre of the immigrants

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. subscription service so in full

  2. Interesting history lesson.

    Not sure that something that happened 40 generations ago merits the use of the present tense. :roll:

    My bold and reduction in the number of quote levels because I'm not very good at managing them.

    So Danish settlers/invaders began to integrate with the English population only when there was a Danish king?
    Is that how we get full peaceful integration of our current settle population?
  3. The Danes were invaders and colonists, to compare them to what is currently happening today is.... Oh bugger! :oops:
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Didnt the Virgin Queen order all Moors out as well? It seems Enoch had Blue Blood!
  5. Can I be the first to appologise?? - there must be some group somewhere that still holds a grudge about this
  6. Don't forget King John, who borrowed money from the Jews and then decided being Jewish and lending money were both illegal...or indeed his brother whose reign saw the Clifford's Tower massacre in York.

    By the way unrede in anglo-Saxon means "without counsel" or unwilling to take advice. Ethelred was a bit of a hothead and rash to boot therefore, rather than unprepared.
  7. Can I be the first to say: "We shouldn't apologise for our history."?
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I blame the Germans for all this apologising stuff, but then something from the nips would have been nice up until our ex POWs and internees started to die. That is one system I would hold a grudge against!
  9. Were the "English Mob" wearing white football shirts, and what were the Scottish Mob doing at this time ?
  10. I do think that you should apologise. Not until the Italians apologise for the Roman invasion, The Danes for the Viking invasion and the French for the Norman invasion.

    Why is it always our politicos that apologise for alleged crimes/genocides/sleights that happened hundreds/thousands of years ago?
  11. Is there a historical re-enactment society we can join?
  12. The Danes were almost racially identical, co religionists and spoke a very similar dialect and had been in England for a few generations - doesn't take much for the beast to get loose.....
  13. apart from bacon

    "what have the Danish ever done for us?"
  14. "Ye Sune" had this to say about it:

    "Crispiey Danish Baccon!"

    "A tyme of shame has fallen over England, with innocent Daynes in a church are burn-ed. Prithy tis ungodly to have dune such a thing. Twas just 15 years since they did come to here in the Longships with great wailing and have here lived in peace - once the killing had ceas-ed since then. Can we have forgotten the Viking plague so swiftly? Twas a stain we shud have wash-ed bevor today! Burn a Dane today and please GOD!

    See an etching of young Ethelswigg's baps on page 3."
  15. Porn? :D