Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rachaelb, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Any one else a sapper?
  2. Tried the search facility or just going to the Sappers thread?

    PS Yes I'm, a Sapper.
  3. im just posting about to see what other sappers are about . Nice to meet you all. Im 33 engineer regt.
  4. glad to hear, im fairly new myself to the corp. Im sure the forums are quite humorous
  5. Another Sapper here. 33 you say eh? What squadron you in? Also search or BD? Pm me if you don't wanna say in public.
  6. Entire Regiment Multiple Personality Disorder Walt.
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  7. I'm Spartacus.
  8. Seems we have a couple of " Stumpy" virgins..

    Search Stumpy and Auld sapper. I promise, it won't disappoint.

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  9. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    I am a 59 year ole sapper who was in Armoured, will I do at all ? still digging holes and sweeping up
  10. They could be made more humorous if, as a newcomer you posted the obligatory pic :)
  11. 217 field squadron e.o.d so yes search. Multiple personalities yeh theyre all lunatics takes a certain character to go into that in the first place.
  12. It appears this gazelle does not do speed!
  13. Putting it in layman's terms & yes i know this is not the naafi, tits, fanny or both in shot will do.
    Look someone had to ask and i have done so!
  14. lol threres an old pic of me in my albums as for the basque u can only drream how we all doing?