Discussion in 'Sappers' started by lemonkettaz, May 22, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    Im currently considering the royal engineers as a design engineer/draughtsman.

    Anyone had any experience in this area? Is it a tough career? Im only considering this (anything construction based) because i have a keen interest in architecture etc, however dont have any qualifications in it, would that hinder my application?

    I just have GCSEs and a National Diploma, although Ive been to Uni and decided to drop out because quite frankly full time education just wasnt for me...

    I also think that could badly affect my application. Bit of a long winded post i know, I do have a keen interest on the forces though ever since i left school, I was in the cadets when I was younger and loved everything about it, even rubbish things like drill ha.

    Any info would be appreciated.
  2. I’m going in on 12th July as a design draughtsman, so cannot comment on how difficult the course is etc, however do know all you need is three GCSEs at Grade C or above in Mathematics, English Language and one other.

    So having a national diploma will help but is not essential, so long as you get a descent score on yor BARB test...

    Dropping out of uni shouldn’t hinder your application, as it wasn’t for you. Just get yourself down to the careers with the right attitude and explain your situation, you’ll be fine....

    Check out the link below which details all the info on the design draughtsman..


    Be prepared for quite a wait, I started my application back in October 08, and don’t start phase 1 until 12th July 09.. This due to the design draughtsman being one of the more desirable trades, certain other trades have much shorter entry times.
  3. You'll get the same info on your post on the joining up forum, however here you'll be welcomed with open arms into the best corps in the army (once and if you prove yourself worthy of such a graceful blessing)