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  1. Hello,

    Im currently considering the royal engineers as a design engineer/draughtsman.

    Anyone had any experience in this area? Is it a tough career? Im only considering this (anything construction based) because i have a keen interest in architecture etc, however dont have any qualifications in it, would that hinder my application?

    I just have GCSEs and a National Diploma, although Ive been to Uni and decided to drop out because quite frankly full time education just wasnt for me...

    I also think that could badly affect my application. Bit of a long winded post i know, I do have a keen interest on the forces though ever since i left school, I was in the cadets when I was younger and loved everything about it, even rubbish things like drill ha.

    Any info would be appreciated.
  2. As long as you meat the minimal qualification criteria (which it sounds like you do) you shouldn't have a problem. They can't stop you going for the job if you meet the requirements.
  3. Actually, yes they can; the MOD can decline to take your application further without providing any reason, just as long as they don't base their decision on race, sexual orientation, etc.

    Look at armyjobs.mod.uk for details of the role, necessary qualifications and the like. Also have a look at the Sappers forum; there'll be a few engineers there who might be able to answer your questions.
  4. i must warn you that you most likely won't have a chance to be creative (ie you won't be doing a lot of archtitecture). draughty is a very technical trade. you're job will be about putting absolutely correct information to paper in the most well arranged easy to read way without missing anything. also being able to solve a variety of problems solving and a basic knowledge of building materials and the building process helps.

    i'm a draughty already applying for it in the RE as well.
    so i can't tell you what it's like in the army exactly but i expect it to be roughly the same, with simpler structures.
  5. I’m going in on 12th July as a design draughtsman, so cannot comment on how difficult the course is etc, however do know all you need is three GCSEs at Grade C or above in Mathematics, English Language and one other.

    So having a national diploma will help but is not essential, so long as you get a descent score on yor BARB test...

    Dropping out of uni shouldn’t hinder your application, as it wasn’t for you. Just get yourself down to the careers with the right attitude and explain your situation, you’ll be fine....

    Check out the link below which details all the info on the design draughtsman..


    AND FINALY....lol

    Be prepared for quite a wait, I started my application back in October 08, and don’t start phase 1 until 12th July 09.. This due to the design draughtsman being one of the more desirable trades, certain other trades have much shorter entry times.
  6. dude, - - this probably way ota date mate but - - - -I was a design draughtsman - this course was real difficult, lots of ot of hours working, sometimes till the early hours.
    Not sure how it works now, but I had to do the , can't for the life of me think of the title of it but split up into draughtsman, surveying and CLO (the latter involved making lots and lots of mud pies) - design assistant or something similar. This was an A3 trade - lasted 6 months or so and in itself I struggled with the mats bit of it (failed maths "O" level a couple of times). Chose the Design Draughtsman route at A2 - again a 6 monther but managed to pass at the 2nd time of asking, 2nd in the class only because I knew what to expect from my failed attempt at it and did a lot of "home" work before re-attempting.
    I have to say that though I am no longer a draughtsman, the building skills picked up from this hase been very useful in "ordinary" civilian life since.
    From your qualifications, you should walk this training mate - but be prepared for lots of late nights.
    I'll get me coat - - - -

    just read above and by the looks of me spelling, musta failed me English "O" level too :)
  7. Cheers for the replies.

    I want to pop in the local AFCO soon I think, ha I don't want to go in there a tit so any suggestions on good questions? I think i know a bit about where I want to go as in career path.
  8. Ask the sgt what he did so bad to be placed in the careers office for several years, that way we can hopefully duck and miss the posting :D

    All kidding aside just be yourself and seen as you want to be a draughty ask for all information they have on Royal Engineers, Where you will be trained, how long, do I get to see something resembling a female, will the squaddy bashes get me.......sorry back on track, ask to be put on a pre-selection I got one of these before id even done my barb test just so he could see if I was ok to go through the whole process, it's a good insight and you can gauge yourself against other individuals going for the same job. Ask about promotion aspects, placements, how many start dates are their a year, how many phases, also don't back down he/she may try direct you to be a Pioneer, theirs apparently nothing wrong with this (although from the info ive been given by my recruiting sgt their isn't anything right either :D )

    If it is definately what you want then ask for your med forms and if you are able get an appointment at your doctors the next day and ask if you can wait for them, be insistant although not aggressive, you don't want to piss the doc off. If he/she agrees to do it then say you will come back after practice for them, then YOU also if applicable take them to the careers office. You then wait (as I ) for the chaps up in glasgow to stop messing about with your application and interviews begin. Start to reasearch and revise EVERYTHING.

    Good Luck chap hope all goes well

    P.s. remember to ask the first question.......................................................I would ask my recruiting sgt but she's bigger than me.
  9. Fcuckwits are not sent to ACIOs as that would probably defeat the objective of portraying the armed Forces in a positive light.

    Your uneducated and unfounded thoughts and ramblings on military matters are starting to p1ss me off.

    You are a civilian - nothing more.
  10. I've been wondering the same thing, but you don't apply for design draughtsman you apply for Design and then go on a 4 week assessment after Combat Engineer training to decide which job you're most suited to (Surveyor, Design draughtsman, materials technician, draughtsman elec/mechanical). I would be interested to know how good your maths and physics needs to be and what areas of maths are most important, presumably Trigonometry for surveyor. I'm also in for 12th July phase 1 intake.

  11. Be prepared for quite a wait, I started my application back in October 08, and don’t start phase 1 until 12th July 09.. This due to the design draughtsman being one of the more desirable trades, certain other trades have much shorter entry times.

    Unlucky, i first went into the AFCO in early February and i start design engineer at bassingbourn on the 14th of June, did you do something wrong lol?
  12. When did you pass selection m8??
  13. Good choice of corps, obviously before your draughty course you'll do your combat engineer course. Being a draughtsman is sometimes long/ hard work getting everything precise, accurate and in detail but if that's what you're interested in doing there's no problems there, however this doesn't mean you'll always be rushed off your feet in your unit, depends on what work needs doing.

    There's different areas of draughting you can go into obviously you want to choose the one that you think will suit you best.
  14. 23rd of April :)
  15. How the ****, i passed selection 26th FEB... nightmare or what...