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Discussion in 'REME' started by burger466, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. whats the difference between 25 engineer regt ""(air support)"" and 39 engineer regt ""(RAF support)"", or are them the same thing with different names? as the army loves to work fcuked up ways.
  2. Id guess, the first one doesnt work with the RAF.
  3. 25 Engineer Regt Role:
    The Regiment works closely with RAF Expeditionary Air Wings and is mainly focused on delivering six key tasks of:

    ■Repairing aircraft operating surfaces.
    ■Fuel supply.
    ■Explosive storage.
    ■Technical accommodation.
    ■Domestic accommodation.
    ■Force protection.

    39 Engineer Regt Role:

    39 Engineer Regiment provides engineer support to both the Royal Air Force (RAF) and to United Kingdom Land Forces. One of only 2 regular Air Support regiments in the British Army it is particularly “construction centric” and has a considerable construction capacity. Consequently it is regularly called upon to support UK operational commitments.

    From the British Army Website.
  4. what is lik as a postin, because im looking into either 25 or 39 as my next posting?
  5. im a VM B, and due posting in may next year straight after i get back from winter repair with 3 BN REME, whats the rank structure like there? is the surrounding area any good?
  6. in a class 2 crafty, m8 what rank r u coz u might have hit a really bit shitter with 3 BN REME, its shocking at the minute, really is quite terrible, im already countin down the days
  7. theres 2 many top brass been bought into the battalion, theres hundreds of them, my section has 2 PC's, a Q man, 2 tiffys, 4 stippies, and a shit load of cpl/lcpls, and thts just one section of one company, and every one is out to make a name for them selfs even if it does mean being a dick to every one else, lol, but the AT is quite good when u can get it
  8. Do you two girls want to continue this via PM, or are you going to start publishing nominal rolls?
  9. cool thanks alot m8, just to let u now paderborn on the piss is quite shocking, its a giant squaddie cock fest, just a heads up haha