Engineers in Ripon

Discussion in 'REME' started by Unknown_Callsign, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. Anybody tell me what the Engineers in Ripon are like, 38 I think, looking for a north yorkshire posting and all the rest seem crap, heard they aren't too bad.
  2. I had a mate that was there and he loved it. He left in 2000 though, may have changed but generally engrs are a good bunch of people.
  3. I spent three years there, enjoyed being away from the usual garrison crap i.e we were not banned from any of the local bars etc! the Wksp was OK but I left a few years ago and as you well know, its the personalities that make or break a unit!
  4. Para aaaaSqn now established, hope your fit
  5. Thats not the only Engineers in North Yorks.
  6. Be aware 38 will be on the move to NI I think with 19 Bde, 21 Engr Regt presently in Osnabruck will be moving into Ripon Summer 08, although I beleive the 51 Fd Sqn will be staying but they're part of 23 Engr Regt. hope this helps.
  7. I believe 51 are moving to Woodbridge to join the rest of 23 (someday, onc they've finished building it...)
  8. I was at 38 (Wksp) from 2001-2006. It was probably my best 5 years so far, but as stated above personalities change and I am afraid they have changed for the worse......Glad I left when I did...

    Edit-Ripon is ok though and Harrogate too...I even bought a house there.