Engineers (c3 systems?)

Well I went into the careers office today to speak to my recruiter about my choices and i'd put them in this order..infantry>>Engineers (C3 systems) >>AAC ground crew

He told me as my Barb had got a quite high score I should possibly consider going into engineering instead of infantry as it will leave me with better prospects after leaving the army, I always had my heart set on infantry but now I'm having doubts, I've read up a bit on the engineers but can't find anything about C3 systems, I expect this is the wrong place to post and if so I'm sorry, but I couldn't find anything to do with this on the rest of the site...The army careers offer very little info on the different types of jobs and as my whole future career is depending on which of these I choose, I need a bit of info, does Engineering with C3 systems (whatever that actually is) leave me with qualifications, what does the work involve etc?

I've read a little online and all it says is, you're trained in radios etc, not very descriptive, any info would be appreciated.
I wanted to do that but there was no slots available at the time so i am going in as a chippy instead.

C3 systems

Have a look at that, you could always do p company or the all arms commando course after your c3 training in the engineers.
don't go sigs , it's wa-nky and you end up tied to SHQ being the O.C.'s gopher , and being ridiculed by all the lads in the field troops for being a handbag.

if you're going to join the engineers then i would recommend staying in a field troop , or possibly going down the plant operator route , sigs is dead mans shoes for promotion aswell unless things have changed ???
Be a planty. Did a signaller job a few months back on a Brigade FTX as there was a cronic lack of 432 drivers bearing in mind I'm the plant section 2I/C. Also career wise you can stay plant stream, go Military Plant Foreman, Clerk of Works Construction, Clerk of Works Mechanical or go into the SQMS role. So plenty of career options rather than stay in the sigs wing and become Q Flags.
Join the RE's its a great Corp. Loads of choices re jobs. Have a good look down the list on the link and ask questions on here. It always used to be 'knocker' orientated for promotion and I dont suppose it has changed much.

I would not advice choosing C3 as your main trade straight away, in fact dont even do it as a secondary trade, crap job, trust me been there, got the 'T'- Shirt as they say and ended up as a B2 Coffee Mug Operator in the Sqn CV all because of a spare 4 weeks and doing a B3 Radio Operators Course.... Took ferking ages to get back on stream!

Take a 'Trade' first, do a bit of knocking, (great fun!) then look at your options, trade wise I would look at Electrician or similar, but that is your choice, look at the whole career ladder re that trade before choosing! most of the trades provide promotion ladders either in general or clerk of works streams, clerk of works is quicker, but the course's are 'c*nts'.

Dont forget though, you can as someone has already said 'branch' out and go 59 or 9 Sqn (RM and Para Trained respectivally) at pretty much any time and can be a good career move. You could even think about applying for Aircrew at a later date...

Anyway, whichever way u choose, good luck and welcome to the Corp if you come in

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