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Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by aj2608, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know of any books about the Engineers? Not an information book just a normal book/account.
  2. Quite a few listed here: Amazon
  3. Guest of the Rising Sun by Roy Blackler. The book tells the story of Roy from joining the Engineers to his subsequent imprisonment by the Japanese and work on the Burmese railway.
  4. Another RE book is "XD Operations: Secret British Missions Denying Oil to the Nazis by C.C.H Brazier"

    Book Description (taken from Amazon)

    XD Operations is the first account of the daring and thrilling operations by the Kent Fortress Royal Engineers, a small Territorial Army unit, given the largest demolition programme ever undertaken by the Royal Engineers. These took place in May 1940 with the objective of destroying all the oil reserves stored in coastal port refineries from Holland to the Bay of Biscay. Without these vital fuel supplies the Nazi war machine was seriously hindered from further operations such as the invasion of the British mainland.

    These operations were mounted on Winston Churchill’s orders at very short notice and under conditions of extreme secrecy. Such was the importance attached to them that no plans existed for the unit's evacuation.

    The resulting destruction of some two million tons of oil was indeed a grievous blow to the Germans. Although Churchill was delighted with their success, especially as this was a time of severe military setback, there was no publicity at the time for security reasons. Yet those involved deservedly earned a generous allocation of decorations.
    This book describes the trip over in destroyers, frequently under air attack, the chaotic conditions ahead of the advancing Germans, the difficulties faced in carrying out the tasks and the drama of getting back to England.

    The Unit went on to undertake further unconventional expeditions from Spitzbergen to the Middle East.

    XD Operations, written by one who was closely involved, lifts the veil on the existence, role and achievements of this small top secret group whose activities have, until now, been known only to a select handful.

    It's a good read and a very good insight into yet another WWII 'Secret' only recently released to the Public...
  5. If you would like a little humour have a look at:

    There are a couple of others listed on the site too: such as Diary of a Saper and Pull Up a Sandbag which are both well worth a read!

    Kind REgards