Discussion in 'REME' started by Puma, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. I spotted this petition among the many at Downing Street's website that calls for the Prime Minister to recognise the contribution of engineers in the UK and like other Countries place the title of 'Engineer' under Royal protection.

    This protection is similar to that offered to medical Doctors and Lawyers. As professional engineers of many years training and experience you may be as dismayed as I was to learn of a recent job advert inviting applicants to "Become a Satellite Engineer within three days!" I am sure you appreciate the difference in designing and launching a global satellite communications system and fitting a dish to the side of a house.

    I don't think this is about elitism or honours, engineers are a modest bunch. The phrases "Scientific breakthrough" and "Engineering disaster" permeate the history of technology; we're up against misperceptions in our attempt to educate the public about what we do - this impacts on choices made at secondary education level and ultimately in UK competitiveness. This proposal could help change that.

    So please log-in, sign up and pass this on!
  2. :? have a stella mate and get out a bit more! 8O
  3. Things must have improved since I trained to fit Satellite Dishes to the side of houses, my training took 4 weeks but then I also tracked in 3 metre dishes to every satellite along the Clarks Belt as well as to Sky and as it was BSB.
  4. I personally would like to see the expression "Imagineer" eradicated. Some idiot who works for WaltDisney coming up with ideas for a costume parade needs killing. I was watching a documentary about roller coasters and the engineer who designed it had the nerve to say to camera" As an imagineer, I build rides that thrill the mind as well as the body" FARK OFF! he was being pretensious, maybe hoping a disney headhunter was watching.
  5. Oxford Dictionary states "• noun 1 a person qualified in engineering. 2 a person who maintains or controls an engine or machine. 3 a person who skilfully originates something."

    nuff said