Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Puma, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. I spotted this petition among the many at Downing Street's website that calls for the Prime Minister to recognise the contribution of engineers in the UK and like other Countries place the title of 'Engineer' under Royal protection.

    This protection is similar to that offered to medical Doctors and Lawyers. As professional engineers of many years training and experience you may be as dismayed as I was to learn of a recent job advert inviting applicants to "Become a Satellite Engineer within three days!" I am sure you appreciate the difference in designing and launching a global satellite communications system and fitting a dish to the side of a house.

    I don't think this is about elitism or honours, engineers are a modest bunch. The phrases "Scientific breakthrough" and "Engineering disaster" permeate the history of technology; we're up against misperceptions in our attempt to educate the public about what we do - this impacts on choices made at secondary education level and ultimately in UK competitiveness. This proposal could help change that.

    So please log-in, sign up and pass this on!
  2. Well I did a Software Engineering Degree, does that mean I could call myself a Royal Software Engineer :)

    The term Engineer is perhaps over used when you consider how technical engineering can get. But does that mean that the RE would have stop calling them selfs Combat Engineers?

  3. There are the Incorporated and Chartered Engineer titles that allow you to have post-nominals (letters after your name). To attain these you do need to display academic skills and experience in Engineering i.e. a degree in Engineering.

    The institutes who award the Incorporated and Chartered Engineer status do have Royal Charters, so does that not make them Royal??
  4. What else would you call Combat Engineering then.

    That is a quote from someone who knows nothing about it.

    How much more technical do you want, mine clearance, bridge building, field fortifications, water supply, building entire camps in the middle of a desert, using explosives to precise calculations(well some of the time).

    It gets the name "Combat Engineering" becase it's "Engineering done in Combat".

    Hope that answers your question
  5. But to do all the RE basic engineering tasks doesn't require a degree level of technical expertise. The pertition is trying get "Engineer" the same status as "Doctor". I've been an Electronics Engineer, Combat Engineer, Computer Engineer and a Software Engineer. If the pertition succeeded then I could possible only call myself a Software Engineer.

    Maybe the army would be excluded but maybe they would have to start calling us something like Combat Pioneers........ quickly ducks to avoid heavy objects flying this way :D

  6. Now that's enough, never ever mention that word again when talking about Her Majasty's Corps of Royal Engineers.
  7. I very much doubt that they could stop The Corps of Royal Engineers from calling anything that we do anything, they are after all sprogs compared to The corps.
  8. Nah, I think the petition should be about 'Sapper'. Used outside of the army.
  9. I think old sloppo has come into a world he can never understand!!!

  10. sounds like someone is very jealous of us engineers or they had a very bad run in with us in the past
  11. We probably never built his lot a bar or something.
  12. It states " This will give Engineers the same professional status in our society as doctors, lawyers similar to Europe."

    Like someone who has a degree in philosophy can call themself Doctor just as much as a surgeon.
  13. Anyway balls to em i think we should have the same status as doctors and lawyers. We are better than em all. For we are all gentlemen of the Corps of Royal Engineers
  14. They're educated people with degrees. Not some 16 year-old drop out whos just completed a series of tick tests on a 2 and a half month course.
  15. Nightrained your comment shows you still have no idea of what it means to be a member of the corps.