Engineering Management qualification

Discussion in 'REME' started by electric_citizen, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Just received the paperwork through for the C&G Graduateship in Engineering Management-Artisan" and it seems like a good thing for a few quid. I would be grateful for any advice what is the best way to set out the personal development plan. Did one on my WO CLM but not too sure what would be the best format for this.

    Many thanks :D
  2. I just used the one in the ARMY PDR, if you want a copy of what i did PM me...
  3. Is it worth while? and if so could you send me a PM, with the details, that would be a great help, thanks :D
  4. Here is a link to the award they offer for Leadership & Management

    Graduateship (GCGI)

    Comparable to an Honours Degree and suitable for those in middle management roles. This is available to:

    * Commissioned officers who have passed the promotion board to Lieutenant, Captain or Flight Lieutenant plus two years experience in post.
    * Chief Petty Officers, Staff Sergeants or Flight Sergeants plus two years experience in post.

    I cant find any info about the Engineering Management, but if you give the REME Arms School a call they have all the info.
  5. I received the award that was advertised on one of the DINs. Was going to apply for the Artisan award but was unsure of the development plan. How much detail did you go into? not having time left, my medium and long term plans will probably involve trying to get another job.
  6. Your medium and long term goals don't have to involve military stuff. it is whatever you plan to do to enhance your personnel and professional development. Remember plans change, as a number of mine have since I submitted mine.
  7. I think I know where you are coming from. Thanks
  8. I did the GCGI thing a while ago and it was no bother at all. I borrowed someone elses paperwork who had already put the papers in and it was easy. Took all of 1/2 an hour.
    The PDR was really simple - short term, mid term and long term. Gain promotion gain high tech quals and then gain promotion once had higher tech quals. Thats the basic line, just pad it out a bit.

    Have not used it yet, but it looks good to pad out the CV and shows you are able to think on your feet and manage a team.

    If you get totally stuck, PM me and i will see if i have any of the stuff left.
  9. The way things are going we will all need to get at least IEng soon or the Chief Eng will have us all out of a job.
    Apparently only those with IEng will be considered as Eng Officers soon if he gets his way. That will be the end of Artisan applications for commissioning, not that many apply now but will that be the end of Rec Mech, RS and Tech Stmn LE offrs?
    The next step will be that all SNCOs must apply for some form of civi qual like GCGI or leave.