Engineering Degree?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by ouyin, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. As an RE officer how essential is it to have studied engineering at university as opposed to a different subject? Does is convey any particular advantage over those who have studied say history or any other humanity? Or is an engineering degree something that you need to have to seriously be considered as an officer fit for the RE?

  2. It's certainly not essential. I know plenty of sapper officers with either no degree or in a subject that has nothing to do with engineering. The only thing not having a engineering degree would bar you from as an officer is professional engineer training where you go to Chatham to get your masters (in civil or mechanical and electrical engineering depending on degree type).
  3. Great answer, thanks. :)

  4. knew an engineer officer with a degree in zoology once :? :? :? :?
  5. Knocker,

    The zoology would have come in handy looking after you animals :D :D
  6. am i arguing :D :?: :D :?: :D :?: :D :?:
  7. As outlined above, the only relevance of an engineering degree would be if you wanted to go off and become a pointy head with aspirations to achieving Chartered Engineer status (which sounds very dull to me - apart from the possibility of an attachment in Australia!). The only other tangible benefit is that it is (arguably) easier to get promoted to Lt Col within the Conehead arena. As part of your Tp Comd Cse you will be expected to do some very basic civil engineering training but for that the engineering graduates are separated out from the rest who are left to play with a few counting beans and lego bricks. I have served with people holding degrees in just about everything from Timber Technology to Archaeology; not to mention plenty of top blokes with no degree at all.

    A quick look around the Engineering Faculty of any university should squash completely any interest in studying those type of subjects. You could always try Law which seems to have utility in lots of spheres and would subsequently facilitate a transfer to the ALS after your first real engineering project collapsed into a pile of rubble. :cry: :cry:
  8. just where my last OC went BUT he was a top man so well deserved.
  9. Knocker, I too had a Tp Comd in late 80's with a degree in Zoology. Just wondering if we ever served together? 1 Tp 50 Fd Sqn (Const) around 1986-1988. Can't be that common a qualification for an RE Tp Comd..... or maybe RCB and RMAS knew EXACTLY the knowledge required to command a sapper troop?
  10. sorry i was in trg/hameln during those dates