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Engineering Challenge...


Have been tasked with producing an Engineering challenge for REME 70.

Anyone been privvy to any good scenarios? I dont want it to be like a command task, more "great egg race" and I'd rather steer away from a military scene just to give the lads a break from it.

Any help, greatly appreciated
Some sort of scrap heap challenge thing, where they have to make a floaty thing out of cars in 6 hours and get it across a lake and back whilst stopping to collect things....or shoot things.
If you want to get rid of them for a considerable period of time, there are 3 Chieftains
on an Industrial Estate in Eccles that need fettling, on second thoughts that would
take yonks!


As VW are in our history, blag an old beetle and get them to strip it down, clean & paint then re-design it so the body can be completely lifted off and everything (or as near as) still works.
Task: Construct a vehicle to transport a tray of eggs across a ploughed field without damaging any.
Constraints: Eggs loose in tray. Tray unsecured. 8 hours construction time.
Materials: Motorcycle engine, wriggly tin, para cord, black nasty, Silver Cross pram.

The DS solution should look something like this:

Though it'll probably look like this:

I like the idea Mattb and will have a think about that cheers.

OK perhaps I should have said more, constraints are:

1. BSN based ES pers
2. Prob only got 3 hours from concept to final presentation/competition
3. Limited resources (scrapheap challenge on the K park or CAST park not realy appropriate)

Enabing factor is all trades (apart from Ship Wrights but then after 21 years in REME and never meeting one of them thats no shock) available as well as YOs to add a SME tint on Engineering*

* I know - had to get that bit in, sometimes I even make myself laugh.....


As a bit of a piss take on the Nut & Bolt man, you could always construct a large metallic figure of a bolt man in the Usain Bolt pose!
YOs involved then you need to think of something wet and preferably muddy with ropes and a lot of grunting, trees by a river scenario. anything can be classified "Engineering" to a YO......

cooker (s) on the other side of a river with fuel only available this side with egg cup sized containers ......... maybe tea bags / milk / biscuits could be involved too

maybe ask a tiffy to help you with the finer points if you get stuck for details.....

If you want to go into advanced engineering dismantle the cookers first
Water purification unit made from bits of a landrover and some black nasty. Can be done.

OR; Rape van from an old land rover and black nasty. Ditto


Not sure how a nut and bolt man is an engineering challenge?!
The challenge comes from the amount & type of materiel available, the trades you can use and not limiting your imagination. Nut & bolt men are normally what size?
The challenge comes from the amount & type of materiel available, the trades you can use and not limiting your imagination. Nut & bolt men are normally what size?
About 6" high. Its still just a nut and bolt man though, again, not an engineering challenge.

Fairplay - thats more a command task than anything else

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