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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gazareth, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Can TAMS with the engineer inserts and folder be demanded easily and if so does anybody have the NSN's I need to get them??

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. normally acquired through the training wing or the unit library in my experience mate.

    have you got access to THE BRITISH ARMY ELECTRONIC BATTLE BOX :?: :?: :?: :?:
  3. Yeah I've seen a copy floating around the office. I'm guessing they are on it then?
  4. engr disc contains..................


    Military Engineering Volume I - Royal Engineers Organisation, Employment & Training
    Part 1 Organisation and Employment of the Royal Engineers
    Part 2 Engineer Intelligence
    Part 3 Planning and Control of Engineer of Work

    Military Engineering Volume II - Field Engineering
    Pamphlet No 1 Basic Field Engineering
    Pamphlet No 2 Field Fortifications
    Pamphlet No 3 Obstacles
    Pamphlet No 4 Demolitions
    Pamphlet No 4A All Arms Battle Noise Simulation
    Pamphlet No 5 Minelaying
    Pamphlet No 6 Breaching Minefields & Other Explosive Obstacles
    Pamphlet No 6A Counter Terrorist Search
    Pamphlet No 7 Gap Crossing
    Pamphlet No 7B Classification of Bridges
    Pamphlet No 7C Watermanship
    Pamphlet No 8 Roads
    Pamphlet No 9 Water Supply
    Pamphlet No 10 Basic Structures for Operations
    Pamphlet No 20 All Arms Guide to Field Engineering
    Pamphlet No 21 Army Diving Supervisors Pocketbook

    Military Engineering Volume III - Bridging
    Part 1 Basic Bridging
    Part 4 Heavy Girder Bridge
    Part 5 Extra Wide Bailey Bridge - Normal Uses
    Part 6 Extra Wide Bailey Bridge - Special Constructions

    Military Engineering Volume XIX - RE Support for Air Operations
    RE Support for Air Operations

    Military Engineering Volume XXIV - Field Geographic Support
    Field Geographic Support

    Royal Engineer Pocket Books
    The Royal Engineers Pocket Book
    The Sappers Guide to Safety

    NATO Engineer Publications
    Land Force Combat Engineer Doctrine - ATP 52(A)

    Operational Forms
    AF W4012 - Demolition Recce Proforma/Schedule
    AF W4012A - Gap Crossing Reconnaissance Report
    AF W4017 - Minefield Record
    AF W9811 - Demolition Order

    any good to you. :?: :?: :?: :?:
  5. Yeah it's a start. Could really do with a physical copy though. I'll go pester the training wing first thing monday.

  6. if you get no joy at work "PM" me as i have a copy in my bunk at "well chilled" & can burn off & send a copy to you.

  7. Good OpSec there