Engineer Recce in Armd Inf Regts

Does anyone know what units are available to go to with these more recent positions.
I know they are out there and they are due a change round in about a year.
Might be slightly out of date as I am now to be found on civystrasse but the changes to the provision of Engr Recce that should by now be up and running were as follows:

At the Bde level no change, Engr Recce still provided to BGs by the Reece Troop of the RE CS Regt supporting the relevent Bde. Hence if you are keen to serve with Armd Inf (as stated in the post) then get a posting to Recce Tp 21, 32, or 35 in GE or 22 in UK.

If however, as I suspect, you are keen to take up an embedded role then your interest is in roles within FR Regts not Armd Inf Regts. The plan when I last had anything to with it was to embedd 2 Engr Recce cars within each Sabre Sqn in all FR Regt. If memory serves me correctly each car would have one Sapper and 2 Cavalrymen in the crew i.e 2 Sappers per Sabre Sqn of which I think there are 14 in total. By my reckoning there are therefore 14 SNCO and 14 JNCO posts across the Corps.

How to get one? If you are not already part of a CS Regt Recce Tp, do that first and then badger your Recce Tp Comd to get you on the FR Crew Comds Course at Warminster, which if you pass puts you in prime position to take one of the slots.

As regards locations look at the Army website but last I heard:

HCav Windsor
QRL Catterick
LD Swanton Moreley
9/12 Hohne
QDG Munster ???? not sure about this one

(pedants please forgive the order, as I remembered locs not seniority)

Hope this helps, but for a more reputable run down this should all by now be on the Corps website in the careers/roles section.

Good luck, it will be a fantastic job for the guys that do it. Time outside the Corps with real autonomy and direct advisor to a Sqn Leader.

QDG Munster ???? not sure about this one
QDG currently Osnabruck, moving to Paderborn in the very near future.


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