Engineer postings?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ineedacigg, May 24, 2009.

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  1. Hi I passed adsc on may 12th at pirbright i'm going in as enginner driver op on 15/11/09. (FOOOKING AGES I KNOW!!!)
    I was just wondering if any one knows where the likely hood of my posting would be after phase 2?, I realize its all down to man power where needed but where would be the more likely? do i get much of a choice? (I live in north devon by the way)
    I personally could'nt give a toss but the missus is breaking my balls to
  2. Choices are UK, Germany, 23 or 24, or 33 EOD if you're lucky.
    24 is the commando regiment which is in Devon if you think you're good enough, you're right they put you where you're needed otherwise.
  3. cheers yeah know about RMB Chivenor i can see it from my!!!

    But at 31 I don't know if i could cut it with the green caps, you never know tho by the time november comes round i might look like fcking rambo!! :D

    Germany sounds cool miles away from the mother in-law!! :p
  4. Hey a 50 odd year old made it why not ;)
  5. Hmm i'd like bid age 55 actually , i'm just being a barsteward though.

    Syn :) x