Engineer it systems operator questions..

Hello fella's..

What sort of role does this job entail.. like is it a indoor job?.. Do you get to ''set up'' the radios in F.O.Bs..

Or are you a ''rad op'' hermit.

Cheers guys in advance i couldn't find much details on this job except for on the rolefinder.
Quality research.
Sammy, how do you rate Rafa?

Seriously mate, I used to do Engo sigs stuff, it doesn't matter what they call it, you'll mainly be making loads of brews in a big tent for the people that make decisions (badly, in the main).


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bluntslane- cheers fella.. and not really a big fan to be honest.. preffered RDM but im watching the game on sky at the moment and we are winning 3 - 1 but its not very convincing to be honest..
Time waster.

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