......Engineer driver Trg (ever so slightly NWS)

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by G_O_D_is_Armoured, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. found on you Tube.... :roll: NOT my Vid, or taste in Music!


    YOU TUBE VID...click

    looks like...according to the Vid, to be 63mt
  2. Quality, there must be someone out there who can name and shame.
  3. I can... they are right on my doorstep hahaha

    KNow EXACTLY who this is and will rip the pi$$ relentlessly in the morning
  4. some of the blokes are all in 3RSME 63 MT, assisted by some of mine from 22 Engrs when the call came in...
  5. Just speaking to one of Driver Trg Troop at the moment, as it happens..

    He knows the incident but wasnt aware it was on film.

    Cratings going out in the morning..
  6. And I thought the DST (Leconfield) was bad and they are ALL arms, legs and very little head......... too many civvies........ :lol:
  7. Ha Ha excellent. I like the way he's just stood there, completly stark b0llock naked throughout the whole thing, and noone bats an eyelid.
  8. Why is it everyone is looking for the Knob!!

    It's the so-called bloody driver that tried that stunt........... :lol:
  9. i hear there is actual Video of the incident surfacing soon
  10. They could have self recovered using the DROPS system, RE drivers just not up to it
  11. Thinking of incoming here BadUn...........
  12. Called him earlier to let him know he was well and truly crated. He asked what for, I let him know that video exists, he said fair one. He always was a howling man.
  13. And get it dirty? Have a word!? :lol:
  14. Three reasons why not:

    - He needed a bath anyway.
    - That's what the REME is for :D
    - Why self recover when there is an opportunity to get naked?!
  15. OI!! Bridges lmfao