Engineer Design, a couple of Q's?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by KiaranOleary, Oct 16, 2010.

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  1. Hi all, sorry if this may of been posted before couldnt find what I was looking for.

    I want to join the army as junior entry and my top choice would be Surveying Engineer, I know theirs the 4 week assessment so its still the same all round.

    What is the likelyhood of me getting in for a design trade, Providing I get the right barb score, minimum qualifications even though mine may be a little bit higher, and a good score on the TST. Im applying in a couple of weeks when im 15 and 7 months to try and get in for September.

    If I do get a design trade, how do I know im gunna get Surveying, if not I would want DD Electrical and mechanical.

    and finally, are the qualifications definite providing you pass all tests in training.
    Royal Engineers » Civilian qualifications
    and im guessing when it says phase 3 training its the class 1 course right?

    Thanks, I just want to make sure I apply knowing what im doing and talking about. :)
  2. not sure how it works now kiaran but i was offered all the design trades when i went through jlrre dover & had to go to brompton for an assessment on each trade for 3 days BUT i stayed with my first choice of trade.

    i am sure that there will be some "handbag geeks" :-D on here that will be able to advise you with a more informed overview than i can.
  3. okay cheers knocker, :)

    Ive read some recent posts saying you used to be an electrician,

    whats that like because that would be my 2nd choice?

    Good/Bad? easy to find work when you left?
  4. I think I answered some of your questions here.

    The system has changed slightly in that you should not be recruited as a Military Engineer (Design) and then be allocated your trade after an assessment at Chatham. If you have the right scores and qualifications and the Corps has vacancies you should now be recruited as a Military Engineer (Surveyor Engineering) right from day one. This was changed a year or so ago. You will still attend an Assessment Course at Chatham, but there will only be other potential Surveyor Engineering soldiers on the course. Essentially it is the same format as the old Design Trade Combined Assessment but the maths has been "beefed up" and made more trade related and you will spend the last week with the Survey Instructors rather than going round the other Design trades. The Assessment Course is designed to give you a good start on the Class 2 proper as well as give you, and the Corps, a last check to see whether you're the right person for the trade. If you have an A in maths like you're aiming for you should be fine.

    As a rule if you complete all your training at both Class 2 and Class 1 you will achieve the HND or its successor qualification.
  5. ahh thankyou very much, your a great help when it comes to surveying :) I think all my questions are answered now about this trade. :thumright: