Engineer Career?

105AVRE said: the REAR or REAREST places...unlike the combat troops.......tell us a story...jackanory(-;=
I'll have you know, I know of a Clerk of Works on Telic and he was farther forward than any other British Troops (except THEM probably)....On his own with five rounds and no CBA......and to top it all he wasn't lost and was supposed to be there!!!
Hello! I've been thinking things over for awhile now. Initially, I wanted to go the Officer route but with security concerns and such I thought it was impossible.
I met a former officer at BP's office while doing some consulting work. Had a nice long chat about opportunities and what I have to offer. He told me basically the same thing A_Knocker_Till_The_End, tricam and The_world_is_flat said.

No sense in looking back and saying "what if ?". Just filled out the application on the army website, I should receive my forms within a week or two. Good fellas, the lot of you.

Tricam good luck at Sandhurst!
good luck to you then curryhead, i hope that all goes well in your future career.
The_world_is_flat said:
Clerk_of_Jerks said:
What does a Clerk of Works do?? Having been one for a few years now I can give you a quick answer - Everything!

We are the "Technical Experts". In simple terms we design stuff, evaluate work carried out by others, research new ideas, run engineer workshops, drink tea in the office and write lots of reports.

We are split into three disciplines, (Construction, Mechanical and Electrical) but in reality we have to overlap quite alot. We also get an HND in engineering out of the course which is not to be sniffed at. I would recommend being a Clerk of Works, but getting through training and getting a tape on your arm should be your first aim.

Obviously we are the cream of the Corps!!
Watch and shoot, watch and shoot!

Surely you mean "design stuff (badly knowing you'll never have to build it), evaluate (take the credit for) work carried out by others, research (steal) new ideas, run (down) engineer workshops, drink (make) tea in the office (as the GE's brew bitch) and write (photocopy) lots of reports (the PQEs may let you do the contents page if you're a WO1)."

Must admit Clerk of Works are on the up and up in the Corps at the moment but I believe someone did once say the "meek shall inherit the earth". Good luck in your career in the Corps, you should do well as you obviously have a sense of humour!
Blimey!!! You can see into my office from there??? 8O

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