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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by curryhead, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. Hello everyone. I'm a bit unsure of which part of the Army to join. I've been in the IT industry for three years but I don't like it all. I really miss exercising and the outdoors.
    If I serve as a sapper for eight years or so will a civy engineering company look at sapper qualifications as an engineering degree?

    What about Infantry? Again, eight to twelve years and then work for one of the security companies. Do security companies pay well? Is it a career or a job for a couple years?

    Happy for any info.

  2. Can only give advice on what sort of qualifications you may earn in the ranks as a sapper. Have no idea what you might be able to get as an officer. I could well be wrong but I am pretty sure that the Corps prefers to recruit potential officers that already are graduates or hope to be sponsored by the Army whilst completing their degree.

    As a soldier the highest civilian qualiications you could earn are as follows:

    HND Engineering Surveying on successful completion of Surveyor Engineering Class 1 course (you have to complete the Class 2 course first though).

    HND in Construction or Building Services Engineering as a Clerk of Works (Construction) or Clerk of Works (Electrical or Mechanical) respectively. These are courses for recommended JNCOs who are already trained in a related trade within the Corps. You would probably be just eligible around the 6-8 year point from joining.

    HND in Civil Engineering as a Military Plant Foreman - another "supervisory" trade fed by JNCOs from the Plant Operator Mechanic trade.

    I believe also the Geographic side of the Corps are now offering Foundation Degrees for their trades. Check the Army/Corps website for more details.

    HND/Foundation Degree is roughly equivalent to the first 1-2 years of a degree course so you would still have some work to do for a full blown degree. That said the majority of the sapper trades translate very easily to working outside (currently everyone wants to be a carpenter, bricklayer, plasterer or electrician because of the skills shortages outside).

    Corps is a good compromise for those that want a combat role but want a trade as well. As all our marketing says "soldier - combat engineer - tradesman" though as you will see from this forum not everyone is currently being allowed to follow that path.
  3. having worked in the IT side of life as a civilian i would imagine that the corps would try & push you towards the c3s side of life (signals) so if you want a change i would keep that quiet. like T_W_I_F says there are an ambundance of qualifications available for you to gain within the corps in lots of different trades. to get degrees on the construction side of life you really need to be looking at clerk of works
    but i have known blokes to do the same qualification at night school although there is no pay rise involved with doing the course off your own back but it would be handy on the outside of the military.

    certainly would try to talk you out of the infantry, if you are only going to serve a few years then get out i don't think that it is worth it .at least you can leave the corps with recognised civilian quals, but thats your choice my friend.

    good luck in whatever you decide.
  4. Thanks knocker and world is flat, really good information. I've looked at this page: .
    Can't find any real description of clerk of works. What does a CoW do? Is it open only for officers?

    Sadly I cannot submit an officer application as I haven't lived in Britain for the mandatory five years.
  5. Curryhead,

    Its often possible to get an exemption from the 5-year rule - I know I did. Did an Army Careers Advisor (Officers) say in your case you must spend time in the UK?


  6. Even if this fails curryhead join as a sapper anyways and once you've done some time in a field unit after trade training apply to go to RCB, once you've done the 5 years. You'll get a chance to see what the army is like, and at least still have a paying job if you fail RCB. Also you may get the chance to do the Potential Officers Development Course, which is a blast.

    Or just stay a sapper. You'll have more fun :D .
  7. What does a Clerk of Works do? That's a very good question that could provoke a whole thread in itself. Seriously though it is a supervisory trade that senior Lance-Corporals and Corporals can apply to be trained in over a 2 year course. Successful completion means accelerated promotion to Staff Sergeant and taking up a role as a technical "expert" in either construction, electrical or mechanical engineering. You can not direct entry into Clerk of Works from outside the Army. As well as having a related feeder trade qualification you must already be a JNCO and supposedly have some command experience. They have to be pretty thick-skinned though as the accelerated promotion results in a huge amount of flak from the rest of the Corps.
  8. don't go opening up the "what actually does a clerk of works do" can of worms or this topic may never end!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Go on....I'd be interested to know! Open up a new forum for it!!
  10. They are very strict with this 5 year rule now. I spoke to one of the recruiters using the army website chat room program. Probably 3 to 5 years ago I may have gotten through as an officer.
  11. Curryhead,

    I can absolutely guarantee you it is still possible to get an exemption. I'm Irish, have not lived in the UK for the previous 5 years, have passed RCB and am starting at Sandhurst soon. They judge each case on its merits - I don't know your history and would have no idea what the criteria for exceptions are anyway. But if you are interested in joining as an officer I would advise you to keep applying until you get a definite 'no' from an Army Careers Advisor (Officers) and not just the website chat room.

    Good luck,
  12. You appear to want something your present employment does not provide. If you want exercise and outdoors life, this may be available without joining HMF. Service life requires high level of committement and some thnigs you will dislike even more than what you are doing now. The spread between your thoughts of engineers skills and cannon fodder as a bullet catcher security operative seem very wide.
    Give it a couple of weeks and the girl friend who has just dumped you will be a faint memory. Same time will remove thoughts about that nasty manager who told you that you were crap. Unless you are VERY SURE and VERY FOCUSSED, stay in frying pan and avoid fire. The army is not like swimming where you can get in and out just like that.
  13. OldRedCap, I understand that I may appear to be indecisive to you. Why shouldn't I ask about different job oppurtunities in the Army? It's a large organization with a lot to offer. I'll be a damn fool if I didn't ask.

    Sounds good Tricam. The overseas cell is currently processing my potential soldier application. If I'm successful and I'm invited up to the UK, I'll hound the Army Careers Advisor (Officers). :)

  14. God help me - I was trying to be constructive. Maybe not bite the hand that is trying to help you eh?
  15. :oops: Ack! Pardon me OldRedCap. I can be an arrse every now and then. :D