Engineer and Logistic Staff Corps

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Trotsky, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. I saw a bloke the other day wearing a polo shirt with Engineer and Logistic Staff Corps on it and what looked like a flaming grenade.

    I have never heard of it and wiki doesn't say much...

    It looks like a boys club but I may be very wrong has anyone ever met them?

  2. Probably to do with the fact that a top Royal Engineer General now runs the RLC :p
  3. They consist of a number of top-level representatives from industry and commerce who provide planning and other advice to the military. All have honorary rank of at least major.
  4. Late RE old boy...........and only due the the fact that our best boys decided to leave and work on 2012 (an engineering project)
  5. Not quite. Logistics always in place first, then follow-on forces such as RE, followed by further logistics to provide the RE with their meccano sets.
  6. point was that RE are a nett consumer rather than a nett provider of logistics.

    I think it is high time that the proper loggies had an equivalent "boys club"... (and not just the Eddie Stobart lot)

    As ever "Sua Tela Tonanti"..