Engelbert Humperdinck to represent UK at Eurovision 2012

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sparky2339, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. Can it get any worse?

    I'd prefer Ken Dodd myself.

    "I thank the Lord that I've been blessed with a nine inch length of hap-penis".
  2. Is it the Eurovision Mong Contest again? What's wrong with Des O'Connor doing it, maybe too important to leave in careless hands. Tom Jones and a boy band could have done it, it's not unusual. Tony Christie said no , saying he did it for Maria.
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  3. Question, are they going to wheel him on to the stage in an iron lung?
  4. It can get much better - he's 76, he might die live, so to speak!
  5. He's more Humperdon't these days.
  6. A cunning plan obviously.
    We can't afford to host the event in 2013 so insert a singer that has no hope of winning.We're in the clear.
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  7. I fucking detest the Eurobollocks song contest.
  8. Humperdink looks like "Hell Boy" but not so red!! I am with you Matt, its shite!!
  9. I have him in my Celebrity Dead Pool. Do I get extra points if he karks it on stage on live tv? Just asking like.......................
  10. Who cares?

    If you do care, what's wrong with Engledink? They've tried a whole load of other 'hip' young things and they didn't win. We don't get votes because nobody likes us, they like our handouts of free money and open door immigration policy, but they don't vote for the UK because they'd rather vote for those nice neighbours of theirs.

    So it doesn't matter which has-been or never-will-be represents the UK we're going to be getting the "null points" anyway.

    At least old Humperbert has a proven track record of being able to sing 'live', unlike the manufactured plastic yoof choice they usually throw up.

    But, back to my original point. Who really gives a flying fuck?
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  11. Excellent selection IMO for all the pishstained cnuts it will knock off due to apoplectic shock for another 'issue' which actually means F All in the 'real' world.
  12. Living on the other side of the world does have its advantages.
  13. Maybe that's the same policy Labour have ;-)

    As for the Euro contest....who gives a shit?
  14. This years winners are going to be Croatia.

    EU membership next year so they need some feel good publicity.

    Wonder what odds I can get on them winning?
  15. When will we see the other runners and riders?