Enforced close down by LAND

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Anyone got the dates, does this also include regular units e.g. Med Centres will be closed a little longer

  2. We assume you mean Crimbo Fortnight?
  3. I think Polar means longer this time.
  4. I've no idea what Polar is on about.
  5. Land issued an order that extended the crimbo break in order to save a few bucks, we've had at least one weekend cancelled.
  6. Any more details? Its news to me. What are the dates of the extended break?
  7. Does that mean that LAND has authorised some extra "Grant" days then and not just the three public hols (25/26 Dec and 01 Jan)?
  8. Our Sqn Christmas weekend is now a closed weekend (has never been before and I don't believe it was originally planned to be so). So we won't be getting paid for it, probably for the same reason as Polars weekend being cancelled.

    It will be interesting to see how many actually go on it now (and they had better not insist that I get up stupidly early in the morning :D )
  9. No.
  10. I had the paperwork about this last week. The re-open date is January 8th.
  11. We were going to have our xmas weekend cancelled but CO got it changed so a Matts weekend in Feb was cancelled instead with some of the matts training now being carried out on the xmas weekend.

    Makes you wonder what progress we are making, especially towards retention when they want to cancel the traditional xmas weekend. I can honestly say that it is always an excellent weekend in our unit with nobody getting the obligatory f***ing around!
  12. Have heard that all are "encouraged" to stand down AD 15 Dec to FP 08 Jan and leave has to be taken!

    Most TA units can do this, heard that bigger units are going to keep one room open and run courses! ECDL has been mentioned . . .

    Also heard that Civil Servants can accumulate TOIL for the extra days required.

    So it would appear that Land / MOD want to close down as many units as possible to save "50p" (and the rest) on fuel, light etc but will fight to the end over a few days freebie leave ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Though this may be due to the fact that Civil Servants outside of the Land / MOD remit might kick off as they are not getting any freebies!
  13. You're right - no extra leave is to be granted: to enable them to take this longer holiday now, they can use some of next year's leave or accrue TOIL next year - that is, after they've taken the time off. Fair enough for now, but this means the same can't be done for Christmas 2008.
  14. Leave dates are varied according to formation, but most are taking 3 weeks.

    For the military we can get 4 additional grant days from the GOC granting 2 sets of 2 days.

    As for the current civie leave options, they can take: Leave; TOIL; Flexi-time; or an option to do personal development from home using e-learning packages :wink: ! But of course the party line is that there is no buckshee leave!!!
  15. So, if the whole military in UK is off for three weeks due to some nonsense about energy conservation and utility bills (this is the premise for the long break) who's minding the shop in the event of some CCRF event?