Enforced Christianity?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JstJake, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. Now I know the vast majority of soldiers don't care about religon in the slightest and don't believe it effects them or the army.

    I think we are wrongfully and harmfully being hugely encouraged to at least 'pretend' to be christian, this practice should stop.

    From Basic training where the choice was church or stand to attention outside, religous hijacking of memorials and the old if you don't put christian on the form you don't get christian 'christmas' leave.

    The Values and standards says clearly that no-one should be discriminated against, including Atheists surely! Making me stand outside due to my religous beliefs is a violation.

    Guess who the person I have to speak to about all this if I make a complaint? The PADRE!!!!!!! The guy who's job is stop people discriminating is taking part in the discriminating. The army is fighting enforced religon in Afganistan yet turning a blind eye in our own country, what do we do about this? 8O
  2. Some of them more than others..... :D

    I distinctly remember being told that if I didn't believe in any form of god then I shouldn't really object to having Cof E put down as it was much the same thing!
    I have suspicion that the man who said so was a Catholic and didn't think a great deal of the Church of England :)
  3. I'd keep quiet about it mate or you'll be staging on all Christmas :)
  4. Well, TBH I don't see being made to stand to attention outside a church as being particularly discriminating, more just a bit of good old character building discipline. And its fairly bloody logical that if you are not a Christian, you don't need Christmas leave. I mean it really would be discriminating if all the Muslims and Buddhists etc., were forced to take Christmas leave. Lets be honest, if you were both a true atheist and an honourable soldier you would volunteer for duty at Christmas, Easter and other religious holidays and take your leave some other time.

    And most of the Padres I have met have been fair minded and honest and quite capable of dealing with atheists, agnostics, Methodists and madmen / women on an equitable basis. I will grant you that there might be the odd gay Padre somewhere who uses gayness as an excuse for for sartorial inelegance. But even if he did look like a bag of sh ite tied up with string, he should be unbiased and fair in dealing with you.
  5. I agree with JstJake, I go to rememberance services, not because of religion,but out of respect, and I do go to other religous services weddings, funerals but still out of respect for the people involved, I always liked our Padre, but as a good bloke, I thought his religion was a load of rubbish, but he gave good advice and was quits heplfull at times, he was not even upset when I told him I just thought of him as the body collector and conscience of the unit, but when you think of just how many people have died in religous wars, had their lives screwed by Hypocrits, or been raped by priests, in a church that gives more care to the abuser than the abused. How the F**k can there be some sort of Superior being or God,
  6. I think it all boils down to the time of year or it was with me.

    When it's mid-February and it's snowing, the choice between a nice warm church and singing a few verses of the 'Happy sodding Wanderer' or freezing my gonads off stood to attention outside, didn't really require much thought.

    So I was put down as CofE as they wouldn't accept 'Fair Weather Atheist'.
  7. Must admit I don't like enforced religion of any nature, when I was a cadet (ATC) I had written "none" in the religion box on my 3822 (record of service book), some fcuker of a staff member crossed it out and changed it to CofE, nearly jacked it in over that.

    Luckily I found the TA to be much more accommodating
  8. Well maybe God is a Hindu and doesn't care about Christian clerics raping and what have you?
  9. On JPA and my id tags it says "atheist". I take leave at Xmas because Xmas has absolutely nothing to do with religion and everything to do with spending money on stuff, also because that's when my kids are not at school. If you think you're being discriminated against then go through the chain of command if you have the balls. If you don't then just do as you're told.
    Here endth the lesson!!!!!
  10. I can think of other religions that are somewhat more forced upon the population than Christianity. Not been reading the news much obviously?

    I don't think you'd be getting leave for Eid if you were an Atheist, so why do you expect leave for a Christian festival?
  11. I really think I was born in the wrong century, In the 10th as A Swedish Viking I bet I would have been very happy, or in the 17th as a Scottish Presbyterian mercenary chastizing Catholics in the Thirty years War, Thats it just born to late for the real religious fun,burning, pillaging, raping, Ah Well
  12. I only had one mandatory church service on a Sunday in basic training, and every other time i have stepped foot in a chapel for moral development lessons, there has been no mention of God, Jesus or any of his gang. As for putting down C of E as your religion i think thats just default setting, you serve the Queen, she is head of the C of E, however i'm sure i have seen athiest dog tags.

    If you are Athiest and you are not being made to accept a Diety as you Lord your rights are not being harmed, when the Padre says a prayer at a service, you don't have to say the prayer in your head, its a guidence, its meant for quiet reflection, you can remember people you know know who have died or sacrificed somthing ... or wonder what you'll have for dinner.
  13. Yeah, well, imagine how I felt having joined up solely to indulge in rape, pillage and a spot of murder and mayhem and finding out that it was all now illegal.
  14. I blame the Duke of Wellington