Enfield bits scrounge.

Has anyone got the following lurking at the bottom of a gun box they want to part with for cash or outdoor sex?

1. Set of volley sights for a SMLE
2. Bolt spring SMLE
3. Sling swivel plus screws for the butt of an SMLE

cheers gents.


Kit Reviewer
See PMs spunk breath.
I have a couple of screws for a butt plate (possibly from a No4) which I think are the same as per an SMLE?

A blow job in a dimly lit car park secures!
Sorry mate, its not the butt plate screws, its the screws for the swivel and the swivel that sits an inch or two from the butt plate.

For one of them I'd wear my playboy bunny outfit and you can fiddle with my claypit.
I have the scews and the plate retaining the swivel; I still think they were from a No4 but don't know whether the No1 MIII* had a different fitting? (Where are you No4T?)

"Colin" in Fultons would help you out and not charge a Kings ransom.

Promise not to wash your claypit a week beforehand?


I have some lower sling swivels somewhere
Speak to General Melchett, his usual gift to a Mess is an Enfield so he should have what you need or be able to locate them.

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