Enfield bit needed

Bit off the cuff,
Friend of mine (inf, instructor at ATC) asked me on the range the other day, can I fix his Lee Enfield sight.
It's a deac, he does the re-enactments etc, apparently the leaf sight at the rear won't stay up.
Haven't had a look yet, would I be correct in assuming that it is a similar arrangement to the leaf sight at the rear of the GPMG?

If not, where would I source such an item?
There's one somewhere between SE684988 and SE693962 (East side of Blakey Ridge on the North York Moors) if you get really desperate. It's been there for 30-odd years, so there's probably a bit of rust to clean off.

If you find it, you may want to clear it with mushroom - it's on his flick.
Well he'll need to let you know which model it is. Frankly for a de-act who cares? Waste of a rifle and he won't need to aim it.

I dare say we'll find you the part though. :)

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