Energy supplements

Does anyone out there use any of these energy drinks/powders ,bars etc before/during phys (running,tabbing,cycling) ? Are they any good,do they do the what it says on the tin,have never bothered myself however Im wondering if its the way to go.
If so does anyone know which brands they consider to be the ones to go for.


What sort of activities are you doing? I've never needed to either drink a fancy juice or eat anything whilst doing any military PT, except for the odd Mars Bar when doing things like fit for roles.

Triathletes world has had reviews on energy gels and the like.
I am training for a marathon. I have found the carbo gels definately work when you are training over 13 miles. Have a look at this site.

I would say predominately tabbing,Ive always been the slug of water as Im tadding along type of guy,always been dubious about gels powders etc,do they give some sort of boost when you start hanging out of it??
I was the same until this marathon malarky. I hit "the wall" in training between 10 and 15 miles. Researching the issue led me to sports science facts (some on the www site I have recommended) and training books and it is in the science. Basically your carbs or Glycogen levels. You will burn them in endurance events. The quickest way back into the body is hypotonic/isotonic. Isotonic contains more sugar than hypo and is absorbed at the same speed as water. Thats where all these gels etc come into it. They are the perfect size/weight for events such as marathon/triathlon etc and seem to be used by the athletes.

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