Energy fuels new Great Game in Europe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. Ho hum! :x

  2. msr

    msr LE

    "Europe should decide how to handle this situation… and if Europe doesn't need our gas, then we will find a way of selling it differently."

    Yeah right. To who and how?

  3. That's some set of fecking pipelines.

    Maybe Comrade Gordonski should make a deal with his friends at the Politburo, 'we'll buy your gas if you buy our steel to make the pipelines....'
  4. More badly timed posturing from Moscow.

    However, if I wait a few minutes I should get one of the usual suspects along shortly to highlight that Russia is either:
    a) acting in its own national interests as we all do
    b) righting some historical wrong
    c) just seeking to get the respect it deserves
    d) misunderstood
    or all of the above.

    Russia, playground bully, body of a teenager, mind of an infant. Should be ignored for about 5 years until Putin has pushed off.
  5. In one way Putin and Brown are quite similar, neither will take the hint and just pisss off.
  6. Do we or do we not need energy? Yes, we do.

    Have we the ability to supply our needs through our own recources? No, we don't.

    Like it or not, that means Moscow's opinion counts - unless we're happy to live in the dark.
  7. Might not be all wind. Moscow knows the sandal wearing Krauts look on treating them as favored supplier from a larger strategic position of seeking peaceful rapprochement with their old foe. The French have wisely diversified out to Algerian and Nuclear options. Other (much weaker) EU countries have different positions and dither between accepting dependency, a mad belief in renewables, and crack whore like panic as winter approaches.

    Last year Beijing was trying to bargain Gazprom down for a Siberian Gas supply. Problem is the Russians are charging Europe a premium price. As the Chinese economy rises and energy demands leap up this may change. The EU could be left out in the cold at some point.

    Brezhnev was merrily piping gas into Western Europe during the Cold War as part of Ostpolitik and we should not forget strategic over reach and a dependence on energy exports is what fecked the USSR. Trading with strategic competitors is part of the modern game of state. Cutting separate deals with the Iranians and North Africa like the Swiss are doing looks prudent. It would provide some leverage with the Russians but that's about as much as can be expected from other sources. The EU is about as likely to give up on Vlad's gas as DC is on Chavez's crude and Red China filling Walmarts shelves.
  8. To internal consumption for example. But if Russia build new power station then there would be no gas for Europe. Also gas could be exported to american market. It requires a fleet of gas-tankers, expensive plants.

    The best variant for Russia is pump gas through pipes to Europe. But if Europe try to limit consumption of gas from Russia then it should be said plainly.

    So it is not a threat but a question to clarify EU position.
  9. Is that how this is being sold to the Rodina?
  10. If Europe sorted out it's renewables and sorted out it's needs....

    we could tell these freaks to poke it.