Energy "Crisis", why the UK only?

From the Times Online.

More than four million customers of E.ON have been hit with energy price prices of up to 26 per cent, adding to the misery facing hard-pressed UK consumers.

The German-owned energy giant said it had been forced to lift its prices for electricity by 16 per cent and gas by 26 per cent because of soaring wholesale energy prices, which it claimed had risen 51 per cent since February 1.
Why is this happening only in the UK? I live not far away and presumable these so called wholesale energy prices would be effecting everyone, so why am I not seeing these massive price rises in other countries? Or is it just a case of rip off Britain again?
because we just put up with it....always have.

The french would all be on strike and ripping up the streets if they did the same to them (or even if the rises were a fifth of what we get)
Errrr.... Because the last 20 years woth of Government have done their utmost to p**s away any infrastructure that that would have reduced the impact of engery shortages. Like ensure decent storage facilities or a replacement power station program, or more reliable supplies.
And any plans for energy projects to be built are met with either protests by the great unwashed or the NIMBY's refusing to have the sites near them.

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When Gas, was introduced into homes as a alternative to oil lamps.
Every town had its own gasometer, if it was a big town or small it still had one.
With the improvements in gas transfer the need was removed for local gasometers and now you have lots of roadworks as the pipes get replaced upgraded or budget needs to used so road gets cut up.

Has to said that alternative energies are there but as house heating is either done by gas or electicity(unless you own a fecking AGA) you will need to pay these increases.

How many houses can get wind turbines installed? or solar panels onto the roofs, lets not forget that hydroelectric dams are still used to generate power.
1. We have a sh1te regulatory regime that mitigates against innovation and micro generation. In other countries you can sell electricity back to the grid at a price that makes investment in small projects worthwhile. You can't in the UK.

2. T'he free market' after privatisation led to concentration on the 'Dash for Gas' which was obviosuly only going to be a short term solution.

3. We allow foreign ownership of utilities' other countries don't.

4. All governments hope that difficult decisions can be left until the next lot are in power.

5. We are pretty wasteful with energy compared to some other countries.

etc etc
Energy Nationalism,
Not ours, theirs.
These foreign energy companies are interested in one thing, profit at any cost and they dont give a flying fcuk about the UK. Most of their share holders presumeably live overseas and see the only way to prevent the profits being hit is to raise the price to the customer.
Dont get me wrong, I know they are out to make a profit but shouldnt they suffer a bit too.
There will be even more pensioners dying of hypothermia this year thanks to the rot started by previous governments. I am no labour lover by any stretch but dont forget who were proud of the motto, "UK FOR SALE"
Northern Ireland Electric have just put their prices up by 14% with further rises planned.They say it's because the power stations here are oil fired,it's the cost of that oil that's forced them to do it.
Still does'nt stop their shareholders or bosses having big bonuses tho!
Short term, the problem is gas storage, as has been mentioned above. We need to be able to buy a shed load of gas when it's cheap in the summer and store it for the winter. Not in gasometers but in mahoosive, underground facilities like empty oil fields.

The problem is exacerbated by lack of competition. We're pretty much stuck buying from whoever is at the other end of the pipe that comes ashore in East Anglia. At the moment it's that nice Mr Putin who is not averse to nuking Poland, never mind screwing his gas customers.

With only 3 LNG terminals in Britain, we can't exactly take our custom elsewhere and the Russkies know it.

Renewables are fine but they wont come close to plugging the energy gap - you might as well connect a hydro plant to the urinals at Ibrox and hope this will light Glasgow. Shooting off at a tangent - I understand the SNP will forbid the building of any new nuclear plants in Scotland. I trust Scotland will be disconnected from the National Grid in due course.

Long term, we need to build a load of nuclear power stations to replace existing stations as they are retired. With zero emmissions (excepting the glow in the dark sheep caused when Chernobyl went up) nuclear plants should keep the lentil munchers happy as well as powering the 'base load' at reasonable cost.
The state of Britais housing is abysmal too.. Built for easy throw up, and convienance for the builder-designer, more than the liver inner.

And wasteful as fcuk when it comes to heating and what not. Built so close together that they can´t get heat from the sun through windows etc.
Ord_Sgt said:
Why is this happening only in the UK? I live not far away and presumable these so called wholesale energy prices would be effecting everyone, so why am I not seeing these massive price rises in other countries? Or is it just a case of rip off Britain again?
Don't most other W European countries have longish term agreements to buy gas at a fixed price? They'll loose if the price of gas falls a lot, but what are the chances of that happening?

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