Energy bills to increase by 40% by Christmas 2008


Newsnight last night covered the Chancellor's and Governor of the Bank of England's Mansion House speeches. And pointed out that the energy pundits say energy bills are set to increase by 40% by Christmas. The politicians interviewed mostly claimed that pay restraint in public services would beat inflation - strange then how it's running at 8% for food and double figures for most other daily needs, like energy. Kirsty Wark quoted the watchdogs' view that a "cartel" of 6 energy companies (there used to be 20!) has a stranglehold on customers in Britain.

Mark Serwotka from the PCS trade union was in the Newsnight studio and pointed out that (as most economics professors agree) public service pay does nothing to encourage or discourage inflation. Why should we be lied to?


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Pay restraint in public services?!?!?!? What a load of BS! Energy costs have what, doubled in the last year? Electricity and Gas set to increase by another 40% before this year is out? Council tax well over double what it was when these c0cks got into power, food prices going through the roof?

WTF is pay restraint going to do about this? It'll just mean that those in public services will not be able to afford to pay their bills, just like the rest of us out there. That will mean strikes - lots of them!

Pay restraint in the face of all these huge price hikes for fuel, energy, council tax, covert taxes is just going to mean record bankruptcies, record personal bankruptcies, record repossessions and, if things continue like this - maybe even a bl00dy revolution.

All these things are going on whilst EU politicians are ripping the system (and our taxes) off the the absolute maximum - more corrupt even than people like Mugabe or Emelda friggin Marcos, and the UK politicians, not only ripping the system off too, but trying to grant themselves huge pay hikes while they are at it.

The wheels are coming off the train, and if I was a politician right now, I'd seriously think about getting out of the business, and going abroad for good, for personal safety reasons.
Northern Ireland Electricity are putting their prices up at the end of this month.I got a letter the other day saying from 26/06/08, mine is going up by 14% (I use one of those pre-pay meters with the code.)
Re the mega-increases in basic items like fuel,food,etc in Britain,the contrived inflation rate is still quoted as 2-3% or something in that ballpark.How this ballsh*t figure is arrived at,and why it is believed is beyond me.

No doubt Sven or some other apologist for neu Arbiet will be defending the government shortly.

I see the(or at least some)MPs are calling for 40-60% pay rises for themselves.
We have taken the following actions to try and reduce our energy useage:

2 Jackest on the hot water tank
Loft has double insulation
Cavity wall insulation
Double glazing
Blinds and insulated curtains
Low energy lightbulbs
Nothing is left on standby
Central heating is off from 1 May to Mid October, as for shirt sleeve order.
Hot water is only on for 1 hour a day in the summer months

Basicly we have done everything possible to reduce our energy consumption, but yet after all these measures, we will still be fecked up the arrse by 40% increases.

What's the fecking point Mr Brown, what is, the fecking point....?


I see an investment in a Rayburn when we get the kitchen rebuilt this year, free heat and water plus cooking, cant be bad! I suspect it will pay for itself in a year!
Now might be a very good time to fix your interest rate of your mortgage for 5+ years.

All of the above looks like a recipe for spiraling infation.
It's no wonder foreign companies and investors are circling round UK companies dealing with transport, power, etc. There is no stopping these companies, record profits every year and then they hike the prices up.

I just wish the public would stand up a bit for themselves, yes increase are inevitable due to inflation but they're starting to take the public for granted with monthly rises.

Council tax is a very sore point, these areas are about the only places more corrupt than parliament, they syphon off money to their own companies or friends companies and then moan about lack of funds.
For one, I have a new Coal / Wood burner fire attached to the central heating system.

However, if we have a HARD COLD winter this year, I would not waste too much time this year, say good bye to your grandparents now!

Lets face it THIS country is 'Financially and Morally' broke and this gobberment failed to save during the good times and now those who made this country what is WAS up to 10 years ago, those perhaps now in retirement, will suffer more that ever before.

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Couldnt afford to go for the full water heating system but we to are having an multi fuel burner installed next week. A new condencing boiler should hopefully help cut gas costs as well.


Vat on sales and installation of woodburners is 5% so perhaps grants can be looked at for environmental reasons. Wood allegedly releases the same amount of carbon rotting on the forest floor as when burnt so is allegedly carbon neutral!

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