Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DB216LOKDVR, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. I have attended the DVD Shows at Milbrook for the last few years, at one of the shows I was given a ration supplement pack for hot and sandy areas.
    I found the energy bar provided in the ration pack to be bland, (I don't doubt the claim on the energy bar lable stating that it provided energy/power etc, and it has to be better than biscuit brown or biscuits AB).
    In the interest of research you understand, I have been trying out(consuming)various energy bars as available in the supermarkets, sports shops, outdoor pursuit shops etc.
    I have recently tried out BUZZ bars which I found to be more tasty and appears to do what it saids on the lable.
    I purchased the BUZZ bars from COSTCO (12 bars for £8-29).
    I contacted BUZZ direct to see if I could purchase them in bulk with the intention of donating them to be put in parcels for troop over christmas.
    The BUZZ website price is 24 bars for £29-95 (a lot more than COSTCO).
    However as from 5/10/09 to 7/11/09 they will be available in Waitrose with 20% off.
    See; for details. I am not connected with this company.
  2. Nice idea, sending to a relative would be ok, I cant see how sending anonymously to a Bn, would they get through. Anybody could send anything.
  3. I am ex army and I am donating a box of BUZZ bars to the local rep who does the parcels for troops over the Christmas period.

    I am aware that I don't know who will receive one of the bars I have donated, (I hope that they go to the Junior Toms in the out stations away from the base camp luxuries).

    I was also trying to point out they are cheaper in Costco at the moment, and possible in Waitrose after 5/10/09 than the website price. That way if a NOK is purchasing them to send out to hot and sandy places, they can buy them cheaper.

    Prehaps I was not clear.