Enemy Forces for the new HM Armed Forces Action Men

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diehard57, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. Obviously the Taleban have brought in some 'image advisors'.... :roll:


    From the website:-

    As trailed on this site last month the first HM Armed Forces Mercenary Action Figure has now been released by Character Options.

    The 10 inch scale Enemy Mercenary Fighter is designed as a combatant for the already released Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force HMAF figures.

    The mercenary figure features a removable helmet including sun visor and removable all black tactical vest with several moulded pouches. HMAF Mercenary wears all grey fatigues with black leather gloves and combat boots.

    This figure comes with a combined assault rifle and pump action shotgun together with a sidearm pistol complete with leg holster.

    HMAF toys are available now at Character-Online
  2. saw it in toys r us at the weekend & thought what a load of gash
    the missus wouldn't let me buy a mortarman either, cow! :(

    edited to whinge a bit more
  3. There is some choppers on facebook who set up a group complaining about these toys.
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  4. post the link soonest...
  5. I wouldnt give them the time of day if i was you
  6. Its called 'Action Man - Take him out of the shops'
  7. HM Armed Forces Action Men Company Social:

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  8. 3 para mortars?

  9. You sure that ain't 3 Para Mortars? :D
  10. That's the Assault Pioneer Platoon Sgt doing the buisness.
  11. Do I ask how you recognised him? 8O
  12. I'd recognise that beard anywhere................and the size of his huge plastic c ock of course.
  13. My bad, I thought it was a HESH round :D

    Carry on my good man, carry on. :D
  14. I think I may of found some of theTaliban kicking around Camp Bastion!

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  15. There not Taliban you Muppet there our Special Forces, I can spot TROPPERS fake beard.