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Enemy At The Gates 2315

Good film, spoilt by that wanky scene where he gets a head shot as he jumps across that gap in the building.

There is only one shooter alive that could pull off a shot like that, and he's sat here, typing with one hand and cradling my champ

I particularly like the scene where Ed Harris hangs the child, all films should have executed children.... even lassie
Watched it on DVD last week, good film but the 'love angle' spoiled it for me, they always ruin a good film by throwing in some slushy romantic shite that just slows the film down. Less thrilling, more killing I say.

Agree about the child thing. The kid was hanging there moitionless, not the slightest movement from a breeze which goes to prove hollywood are too tight to use a proper, real kid. Surely there's loads of homeless young blighters in the downtown Hollywood slummy suburbs, one wouldn't have been missed FFS.

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