Enemas given a makeover

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Anyone felt the benefits from having a hosepipe up the arrse,and having several litres of water and Fairy Liquid up the hoop?
    We had a leaflet through the door today,for a brand new treatment centre in a local town.They are doing enema's.Great.
    But they seem to have a slight problem with calling them enema's.Now they prefer to call it Colonic Hydro Massge.
    And according to them,most of us have 2kg of undigested food in our colons,can this be true?

  3. too late, too late the cry!! LOL.
  4. Never had one, but I can tell you that administering a Barium Enema can be an extremely funny experience. Pumping somebody full of liquid and air and then watching them try not to let it go can be hilarious.
    And then you realise you've got to clean it up.......
  5. This simply highlights the dangers of doing two jobs at once,whilst not concetrating on the one that pays the bills.Also knowing that so many Arrsers have an anal fixation ( you know who you are ) that it may have amused some people.
  6. The tears are still running, my sides are killing me...... The other half thinks I urgently need a padded cell.

  7. PRICELESS, scouse_scribes, absolutely PRICELESS!
  8. I do believe Princess Di was into colonic irrigation. It's very popular in central and eastern europe with facilities in most health spas.
  9. I've had ulcerative colitis investigation. It was very unsavoury.
  10. Feckin' hell, I have just been in stitches for the past 10 minutes, collapsed over my desk, tears streaming down my face. People walking past my office are looking at me very strangely...priceless!


  11. That is superb!
  12. :rofl: Now that was funny :D
  13. Don't get to have tears of laughter very often but that was excellent.

    :clap: :rofl: