Endorsing the UN Delegate

Dear All,

I know I'm getting boring about this, but could I remind you to 'endorse' a Nation in Arrsonia as soon as you get UN membership?

We can have all the members we want - if we don't build up a powerbase, we ain't attacking anything! To succeed, we must strike from within.

I'll sticky this as well, so repeated requests don't clog up the rest of the board.

Many thanks. :D


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OK - whenever you want to just remind me.
Ok. As soon as they let me in I will endorse a member state.
Can I just endorse this endorsement thing - ARRSE HQ Only has 15 or so endorsements out of 54 members.
Thanks barbs! :D

ARRSE HQ just got made the UN Regional Delegate - top team work all round IMHO. However, please keep endorsing so that we can really fcuk...I mean...influence things at the centre!



Who are we endorsing now? Arrsonia currently has no UN delegate.

As soon as you make it across, could I ask you all to endorse 'Iron-Handbag' in order that we can press ahead with whatever the UN throw at us tomorrow?

We'll have a discussion here later tomorrow about whether we let ARRSE HQ pick up where he left off... :D
0330hrs BST and of 48 nations, only 27 have endorsed Iron-Handbag!

Endorsements Received: 27

Earnestonia, Barbsland, Squaddies, Yorvikshire, Kortwanking, Compo Eaters, Hillard, Semmystan, Shortolia, Neewaw, Scaryspicedom, Sluiceland, Evilstanistan, AgentOrangeville, Snailsville, Smurphonia, Virobonos, Kaigogi Burgers, Hugamaphlip, BFG-istan, Tilbakistan, Sixtyfootdollness, Polaromania, Paarp, Ditchling, Bigdavaland, Skjoldavia

States which are not as yet UN members, therefore cannot endorse Iron-Handbag

The Holy Empire of ARRSE HQ

The Empire of Colytonia

The Republic of Doctrinus

The Jingoistic States of Duckiestan

The Incorporated States of Floating Palm Trees

The Commonwealth of Fozzaria

The Dictatorship of Jess The Dog

The Free Land of MLAAAARRRR

The Principality of Old Squaddies

The Jingoistic States of Paradiddledonia

The Republic of The TeutonicKnights

Have you applied for UN membership? If not, please do it as soon as possible!

States which ARE UN members, but who have not yet endorsed Iron-Handbag

The Emirate of **** Retentives

The Dictatorship of Crabenbourg

The Kingdom of Lairdxland

The Republic of One of the Strange

The Republic of Quowyeom

The Empire of Tayforth

The Armed Republic of Teletubbystan

Please register endorsement as soon as possible!
Snailsville has done it. Honest guv.
How come arrseonia is only showing 24 countrys present?

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