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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Geepz, May 17, 2012.

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  1. I have been viewing this site for a few weeks now, I wish to start by commending the sites owners, administrators, and senior members for the absolute wealth of information, experiences and advice. It's a goldmine for anyone wanting to join up and has pretty much answered any question I could ever think of asking.

    My issue is, I went to my local AFCO the other week, I expressed my interest in signing up, and have my BARB test on Tuesday.

    The day after I went to the AFCO, I was pulled by the police on my way home from work at around 10pm. They said I had been flagged up on the ANPR machine as having no insurance. I ended up getting a producer as it was too late to phone the insurance company to check.

    Rang my insurance company the next day, they claim to have sent me several letters, informing me a payment had bounced. I didn't receive one. I had to buy a load of parts for my bike so it was quite a tight month, although when I checked my balance a few days before there was enough to cover the payment so I didnt bother transfering from my savings account. I also asked why they hadn't rung me to inform me about the missed payment and the reply I got was 'we have your phone number down as 010101010101, and your email as noreply@bikescam.com'

    I have this conversation recorded, it's about 50 minutes long though, and I turn the air a very, very dark shade of blue on several occasions. They refused to admit they were responsible, and said false details like that sometimes come from price comparison websites, which is a load of crap because I started the policy over the phone.

    I paid £800 to do my Direct Access motorbike test, I wouldn't knowlingly drive uninsured.

    I went to produce my documents at a local police station and explained what had gone on, he said to plead guilty to the summons and write explaining mitigating circumstances.

    My worry is how will this effect my application. I haven't told the AFCO yet, but I remember part of the application form having a question about points. I already had 3 for speeding, so this will bump me up to 9 for the next 12 months.

    I'm obviously waiting for grading, but all going as planned I was hoping to try for avionics in the RE
  2. The only thing I would suggest is to inform your recruiter and keep them in the loop.
  3. A lot will depend on points and what fine or other conviction you get and if previously convicted on other offences...you will need to let your Recruiter know so your 493 can be updated. Once you have been convicted by the court and given your points/ fine etc will need to be paid off then it will depend what jobs are still open to you with what ever points you have on your licence as they all vary especially if a job requiring LGV
  4. I doubt that very much.
  5. You beat me to it ringcock.
  6. Slight segue as I'm not sure it applies UK law but when you are asked how you plead, I have heard a 3rd option which is "no contest" - in other words, you take what ever penalty is due but you are not admitting guilt. It would only be a small technicality but is better than stating you are guilty when you claim to not be.

    The burden of proof however may be upon you to prove that you were not aware of the lack of valid insurance and I am afraid a note from mom won't be enough.
    It's worth asking the question of your legal representative at least although could cause no end of extra legal hassle. If in doubt though, be up front with everyone involved and stray away from extraneous details - no one needs to know at this stage the ins and outs of your shopping list, and what you were doing where and when.

    Insufficient funds in bank when payment was due, should be enough - which by the way, your bank should also have notified you about.
  7. Bold / underlined above. Very nice of you to say so but it will not stop people ripping the piss out of you :)