Endex for rape?

On the market in S.Africa where rape is on the increase, can only be removed in hospital once the barbs are in!!

So if you see a mincer "over mincing" then odds are he has one in place..painful.


Internally or externally?
Surgically attached to Paedo's sounds good externally! small hole at the end allowing wee wees, any erections and ...............................furking hell.


Top find! I reckon an advanced wanking toy like that may actually decrease the need to rape women!

Now....where can I buy one?
I've heard of playing hard to get but really

Do women just walk about with that thing in all day ? fucking teasing bitches .

Whats it made of ? is it solid construction or like a condom ?
Seems like the best way to turn a good ol' fashioned rape in to a rather bitter murder.
Our medic on the my last Grand Prix tour would've ended up with one of those on his tongue. The gipping cunt. I'd have had one or two on the neck of a Tusker bottle, Maglite and a small rhinoceros carving.
Unless they do a Maddie version the very existence of this product almost encourages a lustful young man to bum kids.
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