Endex for rape?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by revmodes, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. On the market in S.Africa where rape is on the increase, can only be removed in hospital once the barbs are in!!

    So if you see a mincer "over mincing" then odds are he has one in place..painful.

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  2. I think I'd like to wear one of those anyway. Looks like a "laff".
  3. Internally or externally?
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  4. Easily defeated by being a gentleman and fingering them first
  5. Surgically attached to Paedo's sounds good externally! small hole at the end allowing wee wees, any erections and ...............................furking hell.
  6. Naw you let your bestest mucker have first plunge.
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  7. Top find! I reckon an advanced wanking toy like that may actually decrease the need to rape women!

    Now....where can I buy one?
  8. So, internally then.
  9. Good spot CQ. Internally of course.
  10. I've heard of playing hard to get but really

    Do women just walk about with that thing in all day ? fucking teasing bitches .

    Whats it made of ? is it solid construction or like a condom ?
  11. I can just see an increase in nigger rape gangs taking along a youngster, "yo bro - respek - you go first"
  12. Seems like the best way to turn a good ol' fashioned rape in to a rather bitter murder.
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  13. Sadly it's the way of the world these days.
  14. Surely you'd notice it whilst you finger her 1st?
  15. Do they wear two just in case?