End User Opinions of New Osprey Modular Vest

I've been issued one of the new Osprey modular vests for Herrick and used it on PDT recently, however I'm undecided as to whether to take it, or go with tried and tested PLCE belt order.

I found that the vest felt bulky, worn over ECBA for training, so it will be a bit bulkier still when wearing it over Osprey. I also found that it was a right cake and arse party to get 3 mags into each ammo pouch and get them out quickly.

I've also noticed that very few people seem to be wearing them at the moment, as I haven't seen any photos or TV footage with anyone actually wearing one.

The vest seems to be a step in the right direction, but with it being a choice between either the vest or the PLCE belt kit, due to packing space, I need to choose.

Anyone out there who has worn the vest on ops recently and can give some feedback on practicalities?
The general rule of thumb seems to be sell it on walt-bay for about £120-180, then go back to complaing that you dont get issued any kit and have to buy it all yourself.
there is more kit coming out like the plate carrier and as for the vest its a nice try but i found it to be crap to be honest. stick to belt kit or just use blackhawk gear that works well on there rigs bit hard to get it onto the osprey cos of the size of the molle loops.
Its really rubbish mate. It has a wee little pouch called a helmet net bag, which contains a net bag to put your helmet in. Its not been thought about at all. whats wrong with a clip!
Having the pistol holster on the inside right pocket for all those left hookers is truely inspired. Idiots.

The helmet net. Why? Sure looks bouncy! Wouldn't want to run anywhere with it attached (when soft posture gets suddenly upgraded). My grid is bad enough without being slapped round the chops with a 6A.

The rest of the pouches seem ok but I am only really using the ammo, med pouch at the moment which fits on the osprey itself with room for more. A man bag for the rest seems to work for me.

I think the UK should have looked at the results of the US introducing the MOLLE system where all the yanks binned the vest and attached everything to the body armour. We may have re-invented the wheel but at least they have given us the option of trying the concept ourselves.

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