End our speshul relationship with the US; and find a role

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BoomShackerLacker, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. Caught Tarzan on QT the other night saying 'there has never been a special relationship with the US' and 'we should stop kidding ourselves'; regrettably he's accurate.

    As he pointed out the only nation the US has a speshul focus upon is Israel.

    Chomsky pointed out in his book Interventions that the US didn't enter Iraq for national security reasons but in response to integrating power blocs; the Japanese, Chinese and Indians, the expanding and integrating EU. The ME is the US point of influence between a changing global landscape.

    Our 60 year loyalty to this idea of the US's special friend is now more perverse than ever. Still agree with Acheson; 'Britain has lost an Empire and not found a role'.

    We've never regained our confidence since that loss; our role should be as a confident friend of America. And prepared to wound that friend with our honesty and start telling them to return to democracy and away from imperial freebooting.

    So what should be our role?:

    - Britain's role should be as a progressive European nation (that is, to see our identity in these terms)
    - A radically reduced monarchy (our insistence on continuity has slowed our infrastructure develop e.g. look at our transport system)
    - Withdrawal immediately from Afghanistan (an independent security policy)
    - Massive investment in science and education (R&D)
    - PR (true social democracy)
    - Expansion of University relationship with business (entrepreneurialism to the fore)
    - Regional democracy (glocalisation)

    What else?
  2. You want us to be like Ireland?
  3. I have a couple of points.

    1. the english speaking nations will always have a bond which goes beyond normal inter-state relationships. We are family. While I agree that this doesn't go to the point of 'special relationship', it still means something.

    2. I agree we need to be in europe, but i strongly believe that that can only occur through a democratic process, unlike the current forced integration, against the will of the people.

    3. We should have an independant conventional defence capability. brown has increased the social security budget to £189billion. To me this says we CAN afford an independantly capable military force, if there is the political will. Without that independant conventional capability, we have no business maintaining a nuclear capability, as it may become the first line of defence, rather than the last.
  4. Rebuild the empire.
  5. It would be abit rich for the British to have a go at the Americans for "imperial freebooting." May aswell get the Germans to tell Iran not to threaten Israel or the French to show them how to win wars.
  6. "United States of Europe"

    *awaits a beating*
  7. We should get out of Europe,

    Rebuild our industries,

    Rebuild our Forces,

    Rebuild our nation,

    Reclaim our Empire.
  8. Remind me again what his specialty is - oh yes, linguistics.

    so why should gob-on-a-stick be taken seriously in any other field?
  9. Remind me again what his specialty is.....

    Talking out of his ar$e?
  10. Without having studied it, the change in Australia's relationships with Britain and the US-especially from 1940-1943- might make for an interesting comparison, if that's what interests you.

    I just want to be fellated.
  11. Triple tea production.

    Teach todays generation to use words like jolly good and chaps.

    Re-enact rourkes drift on a global scale.
  12. There is not,never has been,and never will be anything remotely 'special'about being a total subordinate.
  13. Your strange desire to mis-spell 'special' has undermined anything you might have to say. It makes you look a bit stupid to be honest.
  14. We don't have a speshal relationship with the septics, we have a lapdog relationship with them. If they say jump our politicos say how high. They are only interested in themselves.
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    We need to get off the US's t1t to be quite frank.

    The Commonwealth is not a European construct, and nor does it belong to the US.

    If we align ourselves with our own Commonwealth, and strengthen it through our trade links and diplomatically, we can be a bigger world player than we are now, whilst having more say with the US and the EU as a strong, independent nation.

    For the last 60 years we have neglected to build and strengthen our ties with New Zealand, Australia, Canada and others. Imagine if we'd invested even 1/3rd of the energy into those commonwealth nations that we have in kissing America's arrse!