End of Year Awards

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by indoubitabley, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. It's that time of year were there seems to be "Sports personality of the year", "Best song of the year", "Most pointless celebrity of the year" (won by Pete Docherty, the only thing he's ever deserved, beside an early death). "Best documentary on channel 4 of the year" "Biggest Walt" etc.

    So, who on ARRSE deserves an accolade???

    Funniest ARRSER, Most annoying ARRSER, Best new ARRSER, most pointless ARRSER (I am prepared to stand by on that one).

    Any nominations???
  2. Booboo for rear of the year! :D
  3. I know who my cash is on for Multiple-Personality of the Year.

    Is it true that if you say its name out loud three times it will appear at midnight under a new log-in?
  4. It might be soldier_w, however, she may be more sandbag than sandman. (Ideas of sticking the knees in before adopting the correct position!!)

    Keep the votes coming in, as a clerk I’m used to collalating useless data, and the winner(s) will get a nice sweet F A in the new year, either when I sober up, or when I can be bothered.

    Or nothing, if I forget.
  5. MDN Best original avatar
  6. Most annoying.....Got to be a close run thing between SLRboy and Frenchperson
  7. MDN for funniest arrser..
    The posts on mongs and farts did it for me! :D
  8. 5.56 for best new ARRSER. Some of the stuff he comes out with is legendry.
    PartTimeSergeant for biggest fcuk wit.
  9. Biggest w@nker that scousesoldier or whatever other name he appeared under!!
    MDN for most perverse!!
    The Swede as a late entrant for Most w@nk thread ever liable to p1ss as many peopke off as possible- Snobbish tw@t!!
    Plant Life have to agree with you on 5.56mm for an award like most improved recruit.
  10. Seconded.

    Frenchperson needs to get the "Comic Book Guy" award for being a tinfoil hat wearing cunt.
  11. I nominate BoomShackerLacker for best impromptu quip!

    On a fairly recent thread about sending one more Harrier to support the troops in Afghanistan, Boomy came up with the gem:

    "Who'll be looking after Blighty while it's away?"

  12. Oh and Logical Log for being the biggest CNUT ever deserving the death penalty.
  13. jonwilly as the best Arrser. His posts are terribly spelled, slurred but touching, funny and always bang on.

    I imagine him sort of like Shane MacGowan of the pogues.
  14. I reckon I could have a good stab at best Avatar/Sig Block. :p :p :p
  15. indoubitabley - Gets my Vote for the
    'End of Year Awards Thread at Not the End of Year yet' Award...
    I think he may win that one...