End OF World Postponed

Reflecting Emptyeye's comments on the other thread, here are some notes from our meeting last night...

The budget has now been spent for the year, but we have assurances that come April 1 it will be business as usual.

Until April 1, there will be no PTDs paid except for adult qualification courses related to cadet safety, e.g. ITC, AI, KGIV (not an exhaustive list, but don’t expect to see courses that would only benefit a minority of cadets).

Training for cadets will continue as normal wherever possible – Weekend Training Centres are under our control and we still have full access to them. RPD payments will continue for detachment parade nights and MMA may be available.

As we expect to back to business as usual by April, planning for Easter Camp will go ahead as usual.

Clothing: clothing budgets are already overspent. We have some kit available, and will beg and borrow to make uniform available to all cadets who are still missing kit, but they may not get a full issue.

Ammunition: we have some stocks available to get us through to the end of March, but naturally less than we would like. The Regular Army has reduced the number of range weekends from 39 to 26, however, so we will have fewer opportunities to use it (no weekends from Jan to Mar next year, for instance). Where we do get range weekends, we will need to ensure that they are fully utilised, to the extent of doubling up with other counties if necessary.

Training facilities. DTE budgets are being cut. Many if not all transit camps are being closed from December to March and some may in future be closed for 6 months out of 12. On the other hand, we will still have access to the training areas, and with the camps closed there may well be fewer people trying to use them, so we may in fact get better access for fieldcraft weekends. Weekend Training Centres will continue to be available to us.

Transport: the existing white fleet vans and minibuses continue to be available, as will County fuel cards. We will not be able to get funding for externally hired in white fleet, but we do always have the option of funding it ourselves if necessary.

Catering: ORPs continue to be available within the system, although we do need to be careful with use by dates as they often have short shelf lives. If we book compo, we must use it. As we still have access to the WETC, fresh rations should be possible as these are funded by County. The silver lining is that as we are not being paid for attendance, we do not get charged for rations!

Pretty much with the exception of PTDs, it seems to be business as usual. The only potential issue we face is where AIs are taking unpaid time off work and as a result have to restrict their ACF time. We may find ourselves in a position where we have to restrict cadet numbers on weekend activities due to insufficient adult coverage.

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