End of Top Gear as we know it?????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by indoubitabley, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. Hang overs, realisation of what you have been up to on Friday and Saturday night, Hollyoaks omnibus, ironing kit for Monday morning parade, Sunday dinners at the scoff house, just some of the reasons I hate Sundays.

    But, Top Gear is the one ray of light one the most depressing day of the week, but how long will it last?


    The Hamster and Capt Slow are holding out for more money, because Mr Clarkson has the better treatment.

    Should they realise that without TG nobody would know who they are, or should they get the same pay?

    Who could, or would, replace them, in the last PC free hour on the BBC?

    Or, do you not give a toss?
  2. Swap the hamster for phil the greek and May for al murray.
  3. Al Murray maybe, met him in Bosnia when he did a CSE show, genuine nice guy, had the balls to do his "How great is England" bits with a predominantly Welsh Guards audience.

    Don't think he knows much about cars, but then again, that is not the point, is it?
  4. TG wouldnt be anything without JC, he makes that show, the other two are just there to fill the gaps.

    I personally dont care much for hamster, but captain slow is worth keeping, without Jezza, it would just be another 5th gear.
  5. I thought Clarkson basically owned TG anyway?
  6. If you read the link, Clarkson now has a income from the overseas versions of TG, so quite a bit of cash coming his way (TG USA????? would it still be as unPC?)

    But the BBC has control, he just made the show his own. nobody remembers the days when it was hosted by Noel Edmonds.
  7. It has been one my favorite programmes for a while now.. but.. it is starting to get a bit predictable and same...ish. On that basis, I'd say it's time for a culling anyway. Actually I think I mean - I don't give a fuck... burn em. :boogie:
  8. OK, a change is good, but would new presenters still get up the backs of the papers???

    another linkie

    I'm not one for drink driving, but with a horizon of nothingness, and out of international laws, I would do the same.
  9. I haven't read this topic, but thanks for reminding me that last Sunday's repeat is on tonight at 9pm on BBC 2. I almost forgot about that.

    Cheers :lol:
  10. No probs, did you miss it like it did, because of the football?

    It does seem to get the worst spots in the timing, maybe BBC want to kill it off, be totally PC?
  11. it would be a shame for the 3 to split up, they work well.. but hey if they want more they do deserve a bit more
  12. Anything which irritates the pucker-mouthed lesbians at The Guardian's good in my books.

    I agree that the formula's getting just a bit old now. I think all three of the current faces could expand in other directions.
  13. Burn em anyway and replace with up-skirt documentaries about hot celebs and their tits. You know it makes sense... it's what the license payer really wants. That and watching teenage lesbians doing it.